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Big things come in small packages and nobody has a bigger heart and passion for this business than former WWE superstar Hornswoggle.  What was supposed to be a short run in the WWE became a multi year long deal as he took the ball and ran with it and established himself as a regular WWE superstar.  In his first ever shoot interview ever, Dylan Postl, now known as Swoggle sat down with RF VIDEO to discuss his career to date and trust me, he is just getting started. 
Dylan took us back to his early days as a wrestling fan and talks about what obstacles he had to deal with growing up with his size.  He didn’t sit back and look at it as a negative.  He made goals early on in life and knew what he wanted to do because like most wrestling fans, he wanted to get into the business as an active wrestler and he didn’t look at himself any different from anyone else.  You will hear about his early days as a fan and how he got broken into the business along with Ken Anderson and other names that you have watched on TV.  Was he treated different, did he ever want to quit the business?  You will hear all about his training and some of his early matches before he was picked to do a random try out in the WWE.
The wrestling business is all about opportunity and Swoggle was given a great one when he had a chance to work for the WWE in a try out.  You will hear all about the open call for smaller guys to work with Dave Finlay and how Dylan did during his try out for that spot that just came by luck.  What was it like to finally be in the WWE just after a small run on the indy season?  What lessons did he learn from his mentor or as he would later call him dad, Dave Finlay?  What was it like being on the road and being put in some of his earliest matches in the WWE?  Who can forget the angle when he became Vince McMahon son?  You will hear all about how that came about, and what it was like to work with the most intimidating man in the business and also your boss.  What is VKM really like during rehearsal and can you be yourself around him or do you always have to have your game face on. Want to know what it is like during a typical day of TV for Dylan, you will find out what he had to do from the time he woke up until after the TV tapings ended.  Did he like being around Great Khali?
Let’s not forget his match with VKM in the cage and how stiff were those belt shots?  Was JBL easy to work with? He was in many different angles and programs and we discuss all of them and most importantly his run and partnership with Finlay.  He was drafted and split away from him but eventually put back together and drafted again to ECW.  Did he like his run with Chavo and what was it like to be a mascot for DX.  Did HHH and HBK take him serious and how did they treat him outside of the ring?  We talk about all of his gimmicks including being apart of 3MB and let’s not forget one of his best matches and highlights of his career the WWW LC match with Torito.  You will hear all about how this match went down and what it meant to him.  This is a great story, as Dylan has so many amazing stories on what it was like to be around John Cena and how he treated his son.  What was it like doing a major movie for the WWE and why he almost wanted to quit due to the lack of promotion for it.  Did he ever mark out for any of the guest hosts on Monday Night Raw?
Hear about becoming a movie star and getting the role of the Leprechaun in "Leprechaun: Origins" and behind the scenes on what goes on during the making of a movie and the differences to pro-wrestling.  He has seen many people come and go and we talk about why he was released and how did he take the news.  Where will he end up and what are his future goals.  I can tell you this is one interview you don’t want to miss especially if you love the WWE.  Dylan spent a few hours with RF VIDEO telling us stories you never have heard before from the perspective of a man who has achieved it all but promises to entertain us for many more years to come!


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