VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Sami Callihan 2015 Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Sami Callihan 2015 Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO sat down with pro wrestling’s hottest free agent Sami Callihan in his exclusive tell all shoot interview only a few weeks after he came to terms with WWE/NXT for his release.  Not many wrestlers walk away from their dream job after working for years on the indy scene to make it to the biggest stage in the business. Sami was one of those guys who saw another path for his career in 2015.  The biggest questions that everyone wants to know is, why did he ask for his release!

This exclusive tell all interview takes us inside the NXT locker room and it’s multi million dollar performance center and we dissect how Sami Callihan finally made it to the WWE by getting signed by them in 2012.  Sami takes us thru all of the procedures on how he ended up signing with the company after his dark matches and try outs with the company as an extra. You will hear how he was part of the historical first class and how he ended up learning from the biggest influential names in the business who mold todays biggest starts like Steve Kiern, Dusty Rhodes, Norman Smiley, Terry Taylor, Bill Demott and Matt Bloom.  What lessons did he learn and what made him a better wrester?  What was HHH like to deal with as a boss and how easy was he to approach?  Sami takes us thru a basic week’s training in NXT and has stories on all of the biggest NXT stars that were all in the first class with him.  
Who came up with the Solomon Crowe hacker gimmick and why did it never take off?  Did HHH understand the gimmick as much as Dusty Rhodes did?  Was the rumors true about Bill Demott being a over the top trainer?  As the popularity of NXT grew what role did Sami have with the company.  What were they waiting for and why did it take so long for him to debut.  Sami talks about the frustrations of being kept off TV so long and how his fathers passing effected him.  Sami also suffered a freak injury in the ring that kept him out of action as you will hear how that held him back for a bit. 

Sami was there for all of the NXT live events from the start and saw first hand how the company grew.  What were the initial NXT live shows like behind the scenes and what kept him off of them.  The interview takes a real inside look into how NXT operates and uses talents.  If you love the NXT product you will love hearing stories on the company as Sami peels back the blinders and gives you great insight into the companies inner workings.  

What happened when his real life GF was going to get a job with the company and she was never signed due to social media rumors.   How did that effect him with the company?  Sami answers the biggest question on why he asked to get out of his contract and what his peers did to try to convince him to stay.  You will hear his thought process on why he quit and what his future plans are.  What companies does he want to go with and where does he want to sign if he wants to sign at all.

Want backstage stories on Wrestlemania and what it was like to be part of the show as HHH terminators?  Do you want to know what it was like meeting with John Cena, The Undertaker, Sting and Vince Mcmahon  at the performance center?  

All of these amazing topics are discussed including his return to PWG and CZW and as a bonus we sat down with two of his closest friends Masada and David Starr to discuss the antics of Low Ki behind the scenes in wrestling and how they feel about his take on the business.  Masada holds nothing back with his feelings on Low Ki during this bonus segment.  We also talk about DJ Hyde and CZW, behind the scenes at WWE TV tapings and how Sami ended up in the production truck with Kevin Dunn. 

If you love the WWE/NXT this is a shoot interview you’re going to want to listen to because you will get to hear about the hottest product WWE produces right now that is selling out all over the place with its own indy fed NXT!!!  Sami holds nothing back and has a special message for all of his Death Machine fans!!!


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