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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Bull James Shoot Interview

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When your a kid growing up and your a fan of the business you just want to do one thing with your life and that’s to become a professional wrestler.  Well ever since former NXT superstar Bull Dempsey AKA Bull James, got addicted to our business, he wanted that dream and he wanted it so bad that he pursued it at a young age until his family finally allowed him to chase that dream and join a local wrestling school in NJ.  During this interview you will hear about the rise of a local indy wrestler to becoming a national superstar with WWE’s hottest new creation NXT!!

James sat down with RFVIDEO on his first ever exclusive interview as he discusses what it was like meeting Matt Bourne at a local indy show and how Matt took him under his wings because he saw the potential that he had.  We discuss his early gimmicks and what it was like to work with the local indy stars from the trip state area.  How did he become Baby Hughe and how did that gimmick help him down the road.   What advice did Matt Bourne give James and what are his thoughts on the passing of Matt Bourne.

It was not long before James got noticed by some legends in the business like Taz as you will hear how James joined his finishing school and how Taz helped him get to the next level.  James talks about what it was like to work WWE dark matches and what happened back stage when he was supposed to break up a pull apart and missed his cue because he was too busy talking with the Miz.  James was a standout in one of the classes that tried out for a spot with the WWE and he will take us behind the scenes of his WWE try outs. You will hear what it was like to get signed by the WWE and the process that he had to go thru.  Everyone has heard about the horror stories on Bill Demotts classes and as a head trainer.  Was he as bad as everyone says he was?  What did he make his class do during his time there, as James gives his views on the situation.  

Want to know what it’s like on the road when your down in NXT?  What is a typical week like for the crew when they are training in NXT and how did the entire first NXT network special come together.  You will hear all about the trainers of NXT and how they helped mold Bull into a NXT superstar.   What role did the American Dream Dusty Rhodes play in his career.  You will hear a ton of Dusty Rhodes stories that will crack you up.  What is HHH like behind the scenes and was he easy to get along with and talk with if you needed to.  James has amazing NXT backstage stories as well as he shared the locker room with all the stars you see on NXT right now including Kenta, Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin just to name a few.  Don’t worry we talked about everyone.

What was it like for the NXT superstars when they started to bring in established guys into the company like Somoa Joe and other indy darlings and give them pushes in front of their own talent?  Was there any hard feelings amongst the boys.  Bull takes us thru his entire run in NXT and he talks about all of his ups and downs as it seemed like after the Brooklyn live show they dropped the ball with him.  What was going thru his mind when he changed from heel to babyface and his gimmick started to slowly change into a modern day Playboy Buddy Rose.  Why did the WWE release him and how did they go about it.  

Where will Bull James end up next as he looks into the future of his career and it looks promising.  During this 2 hour shoot interview you will learn who the man really is and why in the future you will be chanting BULL BULL BULL!!!!  By the way we have a very special guest that stops by and who has some questions of his own.  He is a former ECW superstar and you will get to watch this as a special bonus on this very fun DVD!!!  If you love NXT, your going to really enjoy this interview as he has a lot of fun stories from his time in NXT.


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