VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Bill Mercer RF Video Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Bill Mercer RF Video Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO scored a huge interview from one of the most knowledgeable personalities to ever be apart of World Class Championship Wrestling, the legendary voice of Texas Wrestling Bill Mercer.  Bill Mercer is the one guy who knows all the dirt and gossip that went down in World Class championship wrestling and he has seen and done it all.  He has worked with all of the Von Erichs from Fritz, David, Kerry, Kevin, Mike and Chris.  He was around during all of the scandals, suicides, drugs, and deaths that haunted the territory and for the first time ever with RF VIDEO Bill Mercer was a open book!!!  This is a HUGE score for RF VIDEO because Bill was not afraid to answer any question that we threw at him.

Bill starts off talking about how he got his start in the wrestling business and goes into details about the JFK assassination as he was a reporter at the time.  Wait until you hear what he went thru and saw and his theories on what really went down in TX the day JFK was shot.  You will never believe who he got to interview!  Bill talks about how he got the job in wrestling after being a sports announcer.  What did he think of Fritz Von Erich as a promoter and trust me, he tells it like it is.  Did he think Fritz Von Erich was a horrible father?  What are his thoughts on the vicious rumors on how Fritz ran the boys lives and forced them into the family business.  

Bill was there from the ground floor up.  He was a major part of the TV deal being shot and changing the way the business with filmed along with legendary wrestling producer Mickey Grant.  You will hear how they got on national TV and what their plans were.  Bill goes into great detail on all of the Von Erichs and you will hear all about their ups and downs.  We touch on the suicides and the drugs that ruined the boys lives.  What really happened to David Von Erich in Japan.  What did Bill think about his death, and was there a cover up?  Did he think Fritz tried to capitalize off the death of his own children?  What were the real stories with the run ins that Kerry had with the law, you will find out!!

Bill talks all about the legendary Kerry Von Erich in and out of the ring.  There are a ton of great Kerry stories as well. If you love the Von Erichs this shoot is waiting for you right now.  What were his thoughts on Mike Von Erich being in the ring after his medical condition that almost killed him and changed his life forever.  We talk about the suicides of Mike and Chris Von Erich.  Where was their mother during all of this?

Bill worked with the biggest names that came thru the territory like Bruiser Brody, Abby, Gary Hart, Freebirds, Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez.  Bill gives his thoughts on Gino and if he really was murdered or was it a accidental OD.   What did he think about the legendary feud with the Freebirds and the Von Erichs and how it put World Class on the map and made the company the most money as they had some of the biggest houses of all time. 

We talk about all of the bookers of World Class from Bruiser Brody, Gary Hart, Ken Mantel and a few others that had power in the company.  You will hear a ton of locker room stories never shared before until now. Why did the company fail and who was to blame.  

World Class Championship Wrestling will go down in history as being one of those old school promotions that put on great brawls and hard hitting matches.  There was nothing fake about World Class wrestling but when you talk about territories that was filled with horror stories based on death, drugs and self destruction you can’t help think about WCCW.  Hear all the legendary stories from the man who has seen it all Bill Mercer.   The stories are all incredible from Ric Flair coming into the company to guys like Percy Pringle, Jim Cornette, Rick Rude, Tim Brooks and other legends making their mark in the business. 

This interview is a must for all fans of World Class Championship Wrestling as Bill Mercer has a great memory and he opened up the vaults for RFVIDEO with another historic interview!!!!


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