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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Sabu Shoot Interview

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This has to be one of the biggest announcements in RF Video history. After 8 years in the making RF Video finally had the chance to sit down with one of the most influential wrestlers of the 90's. This is the one wrestler that has never spoken one word on video camera, and is the true legend of extreme. He is the most homicidal, genocidal, suicidal death-defying maniac, Sabu. RF Video proudly presents one of the biggest shoot interviews of all time with Sabu. From growing up as the Shieks newphew, how he broke into the business through the Sheik, working different territories throughout the US and Canada. His early tours in Japan and FMW with the Sheik. His ECW debut, to all his major fueds and angles. Internal disputes with the office, problems with Taz, what happened when he quit ECW and how he ended up in WCW. Getting back into ECW, reason for quitting FMW going to New Japan. Going from New Japan to All Japan. Talks about WWF, WCW, XPW, TNA and other independent promotions. This is hands down the best shoot interview ever conducted. Here are some of the topics we discussed in this interview:

-How old were you when you realized your Uncle was a wrestler 
-How often did he stay in his character 
-How close did you become to him 
-Do you have any funny stories about him scaring your friends or anything like that 
-What was his reaction when you told him you wanted to wrestle 
-What do you remember about Rob Van Dam as a kid 
-Who did you enjoy watching as a fan growing up 
-What was the training like 
-When did you start going tos hows with him 
-What do you remember about your first match 
-What do you remember about the Terry Snuka years 
-What do you remember about your appearances for Joel Goodhart 
-How did other old school wrestlers treat you as the Sheiks nephew 
-How did you wind up in Memphis 
-Memories of Chris Candido from Memphis 
-Memories of Jerry Lawler 
-How did you wind up in FMW 
-Thoughts on Onita 
-Thoughts on Pogo 
-Thoughts on Matsunaga 
-Thoughts on Hayabusa 
-Memories of the fire match 
-Thoughts on Mike Awesome back then 
-Is it true you were offered a WWF deal in 1993 and turned it down? What were the circumstances, did you have a try out? 
-Over the years is it true the WWF contacted you several times but wanted to change your name 
-How did you wind up in ECW 
-Initial impressions of Paul Heyman 
-Initial memories of your early matches with Taz 
-Initial memories of your early matches with Shane Douglas 
-Initial memories of your early matches with Terry Funk 
-Memories of the night the line was crossed 
-Do you think that turned ECW around 
-Were you for or against teaming with Taz 
-Memories of your series on the Michigan indys with Al Snow 
-Did you ever try and get him into ECW 
-Memories of your Minneapolis match with Sean Waltman 
-Memories of teaming with your Uncle in ECW 
-Memories of Dennis Coraluzzo 
-Memories of your seires with Public Enemy 
-Memories of your series with Cactus Jack 
-Cactus said he didnt like the first match, do you agree 
-Initial memories of your early matches with Chris Benoit 
-Memories of the night you broke your neck 
-Did Benoit visit you in the hospital 
-Do you hold him responsible 
-Did Paul pay your bills 
-Were you pressured from Paul to get back in the ring sooner than you expected 
-Does the injury still bother you 
-Memories of your first tours for New Japan 
-Thoughts on Otani 
-Thoughts on Kanemoto 
-Thoughts on Liger 
-Thoughts on Eddie Guerrero from the tour 
-Was it a big deal to cross over to New Japan from FMW and why did you do it 
-Was Onita bitter about it 
-What were the circumstances to you missing the 3 Way Dance 
-Is it true you promised Paul youd be there and just didnt show


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