VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Shane Douglas Shoot Interview - 2003

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Shane Douglas Shoot Interview - 2003

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Shane Douglas provides a loaded Shoot Interview covering a number of topics where the first one finished. Yes, this one was not taped in a pool either! Douglas holds nothing back when talking about his time in WCW, NWA TNA and his experiences with XPW. Douglas takes you inside the Philly wrestling war with some great stories and insights. Douglas is as articulate as ever in this informative and entertaining Shoot Interview. Here are the topics discussed: 

-Memories of working Al Snow at Wrestlepalooza while injured? 
-Memories of November To Remember 98 PPV with Triple Threat vs. SAbu, Taz & RVD six man? 
-Why he thinks the match didn't work out discusses Paul Heyman yelling at everybody after the match 
-Talks about wrestling against Taz 
-Talks about his feud with Justin Credible & Lance Storm 
-Promoting shows in Pittsburgh 
-Talks about when checks started bouncing 
-What led to him leaving ECW 
-What happened when he appeared at the Breaking the Barrier show at the ECW Arena the night before a PPV 
-Talks about Paul Heyman & Steve Karel crying poverty and whether or not he believed them 
-Thoughts towards Paul Heyman now 
-How he ended up back in WCW 
-Why he didn't go to WWE 
-Did WCW make any promises 
-Talks about locker room politics 
-Thoughts on the Revolution gimmick and working with Malenko, Saturn, & Benoit 
-Was there a glass ceiling 
-Working with Torrie Wilson 
-What was Bischoff like? 
-Thoughts on Vince Russo's booking 
-What happened when he found out Sullivan was replacing Russo as booker 
-His story on what happened when The Radicalz of Eddy Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn left for WWE 
-What was Shane's involvement in that whole situation 
-Why did he end up not leaving and going back to WCW 
-Memories of angle where he attacked Ric Flair 
-Winning the U.S. Title 
-Working with the Filthy Animals 
-Memories of winning US title from Hugh Morrus 
-When he realized WCW was in serious trouble 
-Reaction when he found out Vince bought WCW 
-Opinion on veterans holding down younger talent 
-How did he end up working for XPW 
-Thoughts on being booker and what changes did he want to make to the product 
-Initial impressions of Rob Black 
-Thoughts on having Lizzy Borden manage him 
-Talks about XPW running Philly and why they stopped having shows in Los Angeles 
-What happened with Terry Funk in their match at the first Philly show 
-What did Funk do in the match that he was specifically told not to do 
-Thoughts on XPW TV 
-Why he thinks the Philly fans turned on XPW 
-Talks about the promotional wars with CZW and ROH 
-Talks about Rob Black trying to get CZW and ROH talent to jump to XPW 
-What promises did Rob Black make you 
-Reaction to Rob Black being arrested 
-Memories of XPW running Pittsburgh and what problems happened behing the scenes leading into the show 
-Favorite and least favorite parts of booking 
-Thoughts on XPW going out of business 
-Memories of winning the MLW Title 
-Talks about the angle where he threw down the MLW title 
-Why he never went back there 
-How he ended up in TNA 
-Thoughts on his feud with Raven and the hair vs. hair match 
-Working with Tracy Brooks and Michael Shane in TNA 
-Thoughts on TNA's future 
-Opinion on Dutch Mantel as a booker 
-Talks about reforming the Triple Threat


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