VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Sean Waltman Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Sean Waltman Shoot Interview

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The career of Sean Waltman has always been surrounded in controversy. Whether he was making headlines by himself or with the group of people he associated with, Waltman has been right in the middle of wrestling history. During his original run in the WWE as the 1-2-3 Kid he became known as a member of the very political behind the scenes group called the "Kliq" with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, & Shawn Michaels. While he was not in WCW when Hulk Hogan, Hall, & Nash formed the NWO, Syxx was always considered an original member. He returned to the WWE as X-Pac in Degeneration X and joined the group that changed the censorship rules in sports entertainment forever. This interview was conducted in the early morning hours on October 20, 2002. The actual interview last over 3 hours. Here is a list of some of the topics we discussed:

-Getting into pro wrestling
-Training with The Malenkos
-Who came with with the name Lightning Kid
-Memories of his series of matches with Jerry Lynn
-Memories of his match against Sabu at NWA Grandslam
-Behind the scenes stories from Global
-Thoughts on Joe Pedicino
-How is was offered to work a tour for New Japan
-Working tryout matches for WWE & WCW
-Why he wasn't hired by WCW
-Thoughts on the 1-2-3 Kid name
-Memories of his matches with Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)
-How did his friendshlip with Hall, Nash, & Michaels start?
-Thoughts on being called "The Kliq"
-How much power did The Kliq really have
-How did the rest of the locker room react to them
-Thoughts on Bret Hart at the time & how did he change
-Thoughts on the Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels conflict
-Opinion on Shane Douglas
-What happened between Douglas & The Kliq
-Memories of wrestling against Shawn Michaels
-Thoughts on the comment that a lot of people say that Shawn Michaels faked a lot of injuries when it came time to drop titles
-How did he end up in drug rehab?
-Thoughts on Hunter being puished for the Kliq Curtain Call at MSG and who knew ahead of time that they were doing it
-Getting his release & going to WCW
-How did Hogan treat him when he same in
-What were Sting & Lex Luger like
-Thoughts on Vince doing the fake Razor & Diesel and Scott Hall's phone call to the WWE
-Thoughts on wrestling Jericho, Rey Misterio Jr, Juventud Guerrera, Dean Malenko, & others.
-Memories of wrestling Eddy Guerrero at Souled Out in the ladder match what problems they had in that match
-Discusses having his neck broken and still wrestling
-Dealing with Scott Hall and his problems
-What type of backlash did the NWO receive for doing the skit immitating the Four Horsemen
-What happened behind the scenes leading to the match in Charlotte with Hall, Nash, & Syxx vs. Flair, Piper, & Kevin Greene
-His feelings towards Ric Flair
-Dressing room politics
-Problems between Hogan, Hall, & Nash
-His opinions on adding other guys to the NWO
-Thoughts on Jim Cornette's shoot comments about him on Raw
-What games were being played behind the scenes that led to him being fired while sitting at home being injured
-His real feelings on getting fired -Thoughts on the Hogan & Bischoff comment about "Syxx not cutting the mustard"
-Memories of showing up on Raw and doing the angle to form DX


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