VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Rick Steiner Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Rick Steiner Shoot Interview

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"The Dogface Gremlin" Rick Steiner talks about his entire career. Steiner has been through it all from early territories like UWF to the big two with NWA/WCW and WWE to being a major star in Japan and he holds nothing back talking about it all here. From his brother to his true feelings on Ric Flair, Steiner isnt afraid to speak his mind. Here is what Steiner talked about:

-His collegiate career.
-His relationship with his brother growing up.
-Training with Eddie Sharky.
-His early days in AWA.
-Thoughts on Vern Gagne.
-Going to work for Bill Watts.
-Steiner talks a lot about the controversial Watts?
-UWFs travel schedule.
-How did the UWF crew treat him as a newcomer?
-Who helped him?
-Memories of Buzz Sawyer in and out of the ring.
-His early matches vs. Steve Williams and Jim Duggan.
-Thoughts on Eddie Gilbert.
-First impressions of Sting & Jim Hellwig.
-Teaming with Sting.
-What did they learn together?
-Rick talks about his favorite and least favorite guys to work in UWF.
-Steiner talks about when he and Steve Williams helped save people in a car accident.
-He talks about The Freebirds.
-When did he realize UWF was in financial trouble?
-Details on when UWF was sold to Jim Crockett.
-What was the first show like with Dusty Rhodes as booker.
-Is it true some guys almost walked out?
-Was he surprised there wasnt an invasion angle?
-How did the NWA guys treat the UWF guys?
-Were there any problems between the two groups?
-Memories of his first Starcade in 1987.
-Where did the idea with The Varsity Club come from?
-Teaming with Kevin Sullivan and Rick Steiner.
-Rick compares Watts and Rhodes as bookers.
-Did he like the idea to turn babyface.
-His thoughts on Ric Flair.
-Changes in the company when Ted Turner bought it.
-Was he ever offered a deal by Vince McMahon in the 80s.
-Thoughts on Jim Herd.
-How close was he to Scott when Scott was in USWA.
-Memories of some of the top guys like Terry Funk, El Gigante, Tom Zenk, Brian Pillman, Sid Vicious and Paul Heyman.
-Thoughts on Halloween Havoc match vs. Nasty Boys.
-Who he enjoyed and didnt enjoy working with in NWA/WCW.
-All the details on teaming with Scott.
-How did things change when Ric Flair went to WWE?
-Working Sting and Lex Luger.
-First Japan tours.
-Working WCW and Japan at the same time.
-Did Sting change with success?
-Teaming with Bill Kazmier.
-Ole Anderson as booker.
-Memories of program with Doom and Woman.
-Working Steve Williams and Terry Gordy.
-Memories on Chamber Of Horrors match and working Abdullah The Butcher.
-Matches vs. Hase, Muto, Sasaki, Bam Bam Bigelow and Vader in Japan.
-Rick talks about his matches vs. Cactus Jack.
-Steiner reveals the infamous practical jokes he used to pull.
-Being managed by Missy Hyatt.
-Thoughts on when Bill Watts booked WCW.
-Did he think Steve Austin would be a success when he first came into WCW?
-Were there ever any plans for him to feud with Scott?


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