VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Debra Marshall Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Debra Marshall Shoot Interview

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Without a doubt, the biggest periods of pro wrestling in this generation were the late 1990s and early part of the decade. WWE and WCW were a part of popular culture as millions tuned in Monday night to see stars from both companies. Rarely did one superstar have the opportunity to make their mark in both companies. One of those talents successfully made her mark on both companies and her name is Debra Marshall.
Debra is one of only a handful of women to have successfully made the transition from one major company to another, in the middle of the Monday Night Wars. Only few can give the perspective from both WCW in its prime and WWE in its prime. Debra Marshall can and does in this exclusive RF Video, Inc. Shoot Interview.
Debra takes us on her long journey from a small town g irl to appearing WrestleMania. Debra is former NFL player Steve McMichaels ex-wife. Debras stories about her days as an NFL wife are just as, if not even more interesting than her days in wrestling. What was it like traveling with the 1985 Chicago Bears? Hear Debra talk about all of the memorable Bears and what happens on the road in the National Football League.
Debra first gained notoriety on screen walking legends like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage to the ring. What did she learn from these legends? What did she learn from other veterans like Ric Flair and Arn Anderson? How hard was it to her gain acceptance from the locker room? What other WCW women were jealous and how did they attempt to break her into the business?
The politics of WCW are discussed in length. What was it like for her marriage when she eclipsed her husbands fame? How did Eric Bischoff and the others in management treat Debra as opposed to her husband? Was she clued in on all of the jokes made about her husband? What led to their divorce and how did it impact her future in WCW? Debra answers all of these questions and more.
Debra takes us through her first days in the WWE and the differences from her time in WCW. How did she adapt to being newly single in pro=2 0wrestling? How different was it to work in wrestling without her husband at her side? Who opened their arms to her in the WWE locker room and who didnt? What were impressions of Vince McMahon compared to her former boss Eric Bischoff? Debra has a very unique perspective which she shares with us on her new job in the WWE.
Debra talks about all of her famous feuds in the WWE. Debra talks about being paired once again with Jeff Jarrett and any changes in Jeff from their WCW days. Debra also talks about her feuds with Miss Kitty, Jacqueline, Ivory, and Chyna Doll. How did Debra learn to wrestle? What kind of pressures did she feel as one of the older WWE Divas? Did Debra ever regret leaving WCW? Debra addresses all of those questions and more in this exclusive interview.<


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