VIDEO DOWNLOAD - The Nasty Boys Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - The Nasty Boys Shoot Interview

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It's time for a trip back to Pity City as we are about to get NASTY with an exclusive shoot interview featuring the legendary Nasty Boys Brian Kobbs and Jerry Saggs! Two of wrestling's most outrageous characters stopped by the the offices to record a blistering shoot interview that will have each and every fan finishing the DVD and starting it right back up again. It's that good! Hogan Knows Best star Brian Knobbs is legit one of the most intense people in the wrestling business, sort of like The Sandman after drinking ten redbulls and no sleep for 24 hours, and that passion put this interview right out of the ballpark! Together with partner Jerry Saggs, the Nasty Boys tell one amazing story after another about their stoic career including runs in WCW, WWF, AWA, XWF and Japan.
Absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about the Nasty Boys (and probably a few things no one should know) is discussed in complete detail, such as the time they fought UFC's Ken Shamrock and left him lying. Have you ever heard the inside dirt on the time Brian Knobbs fought Ric Flair in the China Club? You'll hear it here and nowhere else! The Nastys have been in involved in some of the most memorable WWF and WCW tag team programs and this shoot covers them all. The street fights with Kevin Sulllivan, Cactus Jack, and Maxx Payne in WCW. The memorable feud with the Steiners that ended up getting them a job in New York. The Legion of Doom. The Hart Foundation. Power & Glory. The NWO. All the major tag teams are covered!
This is the only shoot interview where you'll hear all the crazy rib stories from wrestling's true king of ribs? In all of our shoots, everyone points the fingers at the Nastys when it comes to disgusting ribs and in this shoot, Knobbs and Saggs come clean. Did they really take a dump in Jerry Lawler's crown? What happened with their matches with the Road Warriors? What's the true story about the infamous match with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash that put Jerry Saggs on the sideline? It's all here!
This is one DVD you won't want to miss as Saggs and Knobbs dish it out on everyone they came across from their early days in the AWA to the ill-fated XWF. Everything under the sun is covered including the Midnight Rockers, DDP, Jim Herd, Ric Flair, Sting, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Eric Bischoff, War Games, the Sid vs. Arn fight, kayfabe, the indys, MMA, John Laurenitis, wrestling newsletters, the Internet, and much, MUCH more. Don't miss out as it's time to get nasty baby!

How did each of you get started 
Talk a little bit about Allentown PA
What do you each remember about your early days on the indys
What were each of your goals when you got in the business
Did you guys plan on tagging together all along
How did you guys get into the AWA
Initial impressions of Verne
Initially you guys werent pushed, how was the transition made to take you guys from ehancement talent to a pushed team
Early memories of Leon White
Memories of Scott Hall from then
Memories of Curt Hennig
Memories of Nick Bockwinkel


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