VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Mr. Fuji Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Mr. Fuji Shoot Interview

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Mr. Fujishoots on his entire life and career!

Here is a partial list of topic we talked withMr.Fujiabout:

  • How did you wind up in Portland
  • Thoughts on Don Owen and his brother
  • Memories of Pat Patterson from this period
  • Memories of Stan Stasiak
  • Road stories
  • Memories teaming with Tony Borne
  • Memories of Moondog Mayne
  • What was life like on the road during this time period 66-70
  • Did you work with Jimmy Snuka at all back then
  • Memories of Jim Barnett
  • How did you wind up in the WWWF for your first run in 72
  • Thoughts on Vince Sr. and Toots Mondt
  • Was it a big deal to you to win a tag team belt
  • How quick in your run did you get the belts ( I think immediately)
  • Memories of your series with Jay Strongbow and Sonny King
  • Memories of Pedro Morales matches
  • Memories of Moolah back during this time period and her husband
  • memories of Jimmy Valiant
  • Memories of Bruno Sammartino
  • How close was the locker room back then?
  • How big was kayfabe in New York
  • Memories of being managed by Grand Wizard
  • What was the heat like in the building when you wrestled Pedro and Bruno in MSG
  • Memories of working with Jack Brisco at Shea Stadium
  • Memories of Haystacks Calhoun
  • Memories of Andre The Giant
  • Was there a noticeable increase in crowds and payoffs when Bruno got the belt.
  • Memories of matches with Tony Garea and Dean Ho
  • Was Bruno a locker room leader
  • What lead to you and Toru Tanaka leaving
  • How close were you with Toru Tanaka over the years
  • Memories working for the Fullers
  • Memories of Lou Thesz
  • Thoughts on Robert Fuller as a booker
  • How did you wind up back in the WWWF in 77'
  • Memories of Vince Jr. around this time
  • Memories of being managed by Fred Blassie
  • Were things any different as far as the locker room, etc.
  • Memories of working Peter Maivia
  • Do you remember Rock as a kid
  • Memories of Billy Graham during this time period
  • Are you surprised at how he has influenced some of the biggest stars in the history of the business
  • Memories of Dusty Rhodes
  • Memories of Mil Mascaras
  • What circumstances lead to you leaving the WWWF again
  • Memories of Ricky Steamboat
  • Memories of Roddy Piper
  • Why do you think you were used primiarly as a tag team wrrestler
  • Memories working in Georgia
  • Thoughts on Ole Anderson
  • Memories wrestling a young Bob Backlund (surprised at his success)
  • Early memories of Don Muraco from Hawaii
  • Memories working in Memphis
  • Thoughts on Lawler and Jarrett as bookers
  • Memories of working with Bill Dundee
  • Memories working for Jim Crockett
  • Memories teaming with Tenryu
  • Are you surprised at Tenryus success
  • Did you rib him since he was a young boy
  • Memories of Ric Flair
  • Memories of working in Toronto
  • Memories of your series with Angelo Mosca
  • Memories of Roy Shire
  • Memories of your series with Patterson in California
  • How did you wind up back in the WWWF
  • How were things different
  • Did Vince Jr have more power at this time
  • Memories of Lou Albano
  • How did you wind up paired with Masa Saito
  • Compare Saito and Tanaka as workers and partners
  • Do you remember Lou Albano getting fired often
  • Memories of your series with Garea and Martel
  • Memories of your series with the Strongbows
  • Did you ever sense the pressure getting to Backlund
  • What do you think happened with Snuka and the girl that was found dead at the hotel
  • Memories of Jesse Ventura
  • Memories of Tony Atlas
  • How did the locker room react to Snuka jumping off of the top of the cage on Backlund
  • Memories of teaming with Kim Duk
  • It seemed that when Vince Jr took over he started to use you as more of a high level enhancement wrestler, thoughts?
  • Thoughts when Hogan came in
  • Who's idea was it to move you as a manager
  • Memories of your ma


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