VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Bruno Sammartino Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Bruno Sammartino Shoot Interview

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Bruno Sammartino The Living Legend himself sits down for a one of a kind 3 hour shoot like never before. This former WWWF World Champion told us this was his best interview to date and he said he talked about topics today that he never talked about before and really opened up. I can tell you now that Bruno pulls no punches when he talks about Vince, Hogan and Ric Flair. In fact he goes off on all of them for various reasons thru out our interview. Wait until you hear how he reacted to Ric Flairs statments about himself and what he says about the Nature Boy. He talks about how Hogan was scared to work him and no showed their match one night. He has alot more to say about the Hogan but you need to see it for yourself. Bruno talks about his relationship with the McMahons over the years and how he had a falling out with Vince Jr. He talked about his secret meetings about getting into the Hall of Fame and why it never happened. We talk about his early start and how he was in the war as a sick child and survived for three years. Bruno talks about coming to America and living his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler. He goes into detail about his problems with Buddy Rogers and what it was like to work with Lou Thesz, Frank Tunney, Kowalski, Brody, Watts and more. He talks in great detail about his fall out with Larry Zbysko and their infamous Shea Stadium match. This is one of the best parts because of Hulk Hogans comments about who drew the house that night. You will hear about Bruno breaking his neck in his match with Stan Hansen and what happened to force him back early. If your a Bruno fan your going to love this interview. We talk about his relationship with David and why he came back to the WWF to work tag matches for Vince. He talked about Piper, HTM, Savage and more!!! We hit a homerun with Bruno for sure. Even after his interview he said nobody has ever got him so hot and to get him to open up the way RF VIDEO did. He really is the true living legend and we will have more details about this in the near future as well!!

What was it like growing up during the war
How did you get to America
What did you do when you first got here
How did you get into the business
How soon did you wind up working for Vince Sr.
Initial impressions of Vince and Toots Mondt
How different was the business back then in terms of kayfabe
Early on in your day, especially when you were touring around, did anybody, maybe a veteran or a new guy, try to get cute with you, so to speak, and try to test you?
How important was it, especially back then, to know how to shoot, to know how to protect yourself in that type of a situation?
How soon into your WWWF tenure did you get the title
How do you respond to claims that Buddy Rogers had a heart attack
During your first reign, who were your favorite opponents
What were the reasons behind you dropping the title the first time to Ivan Koloff
Is it true that the place was so silent after your loss that you thought you lost your hearing
How did it come about that you were blackballed from Vince Sr
Memories of working for Frank Tunney


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