VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Al Snow 2008 Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Al Snow 2008 Shoot Interview

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The staff of RF VIDEO was blown away with our latest shoot interview. We knew going in this man would pull no punches, as he is known in locker rooms across the country as a straight shooter. We've followed his career from SMW to ECW to finally WWE and yet we still weren't prepared for what we caught on tape. That's right, RF VIDEO is proud to announce the latest in our exclusive line of shoot interviews featuring the one and only AL SNOW!
It has been over ten long years since Snow sat down with us and we were surprised that we got not only a great shoot interview, but so much more as Al explained so much about the working insides of the wrestling business. To some degree, this new DVD is part shoot/part Behind Closed Door as Al mixes answering questions with weaving one story after another on his experience behind the scenes. If you are even considering getting into wrestling, or are a fan who has always wanted to know exactly what it takes to break into and keep working in wrestling, then this is the one man you need to listen to as Snow as been in and around the wrestling business working in various capacities for going on twenty five years.
Al discusses wrestling psychology and took us through an in-depth look at exactly what is wrong with today's wrestling. Snow walked us through what guys are doing in the ring today, how it is wrong, and explains how it can be fixed. Snow described the "formula" trap that many wrestlers fall into and detailed his Seven Deadly Steps of a Wrestling Match. With one great example after another, Snow clearly showed how guys can be great wrestlers, but not great workers. Laying out matches, what "highspot" really means, what a pop should really be about, these and many more subjects are passionately talked about by Snow as he details how the art of the business is slowly being lost because it is being handed over to wrestlers not being trained by qualified professionals. Even we were shocked when Snow gave us his opinion on wrestlers who work the "stiff style" of wrestling with the mistaken idea that it is making wrestling look more real.
Snow doesn't just explain the faults of wrestling, he also gives his answers on what needs to be done to get wrestling back on track and what promoters need to do to sell more tickets. Al also goes on the record describing his life on the road, including what he feels "paying your dues" really means. This is one of the only interviews in which you will honestly hear what the day-to-day life is for an average WWE superstar and the almost Faustian deal you have to make when you sign up for the major leagues. Amazing, truly amazing material.


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