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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Stan Hansen Shoot Interview

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The legendary Stan "The Lariat" Hansen tells all the stories of his lengthy career. From breaking Bruno Sammartino's neck to the shocking jump to All Japan, Hansen has been the focal point of some of the most historic moments in wrestling history. This interview is unique in that the articulate Hansen's career covered many different eras and Hansen holds nothing back in telling all the stories and discussing everything. From WWWF to reaching God-like status in Japan to WCW, this shoot covers it all!!! Here is what Hansen talked about:
-Football background.
-His start in wrestling.
-Was he a wrestling fan growing up?
-The Amarillo territory.
-Teaming with Bruiser Brody early in his career.
-Going to All Japan in 1975.
-Initial impressions of Japan.
-Differences between Japanese and American fans in the 70s.
-Working for Red Bastien.
-Going to WWWF.
-Hansen tells all the details of his legendary feud vs. Bruno Sammartino.
-How he got The Lariat nickname.
-Memories of the infamous match where he broke Sammartinos neck.
-Did he get any heat for it?
-Was he so hated that he couldnt go out in public after the incident?
-Hansen talks about what Vince McMahon Sr. was like.
-His impressions of Vince Jr. back then.
-Hansen even compares Vince Jr. and Vince Sr.
-His famous Shea Stadium match vs. Sammartino and MSG match vs. Ivan Putski.
-Why did he take a hiatus from WWWF to go back to Japan?
-Getting booked in New Japan and feud vs. Inoki.
-The impact of when he beat Inoki to end his five-year reign as champion.
-Hansen compares the Sammartino and Inoki feuds.
-His early matches teaming with and against a young Hulk Hogan.
-In and out of the ring memories of Andre The Giant.
-Working in Georgia Championship Wrestling.
-Going back to WWF to feud with Bob Backlund.
-Why did he always feud with the WWF champion, but never given the belt?
-Abdullah The Butchers jump to All Japan.
-All the details on Hansens jump from New Japan to All Japan including how he was contacted, how it was planned, who influences his decision, how tough the decision was and more.
-The inside scoop on finishing the New Japan tag tournament and then secretly switching hotels to jump to All Japan.
-Who was the mastermind of the plan?
-Was it tough to keep it secret?
-Hansen tells what was going through his head when he first went to the ring in All Japan.
-Did New Japan ever try to contact him afterwards?
-Looking back, does he have any regrets or would he have done anything differently?
-Giant Babas philosophy of all clean finishes.
-The legendary team with Bruiser Brody in All Japan.
-Hansen talks about their matches with The Funks, Baba & Tsuruto and more.
-Why did Brody jump to New Japan?
-How did New Japan and All Japan compare both in and out of the ring?
-Teaming with Ted Dibiase.
-Was he surprised when Dibiase left from WWF in 1987.
-Working for AWA.
-Winning the AWA title from Rick Martel.
-The Comisky Park match vs. Martel.
-The controversy of when Hansen walked out of AWA without dropping the title to Nick Bockwinkle.
-Hansen gives his thoughts on Vern Gagne and compares AWA to Japan.
-Brodys return to All Japan in 1987.
-Working in Puerto Rico.
-Memories of matches with Jumbo Tsuruto, Terry Gordy, Steve Williams and more.
-What the Japanese office thought of drug and alcohol abuse by foreign wrestlers.
-Teaming with Dan Spivey.
-His thoughts on when All Japan and New Japan started working together.
-The famous Tokyo Dome match vs. Vader.
-What were politics like back then?
-Why did Gordy refuse to job to Hulk Hogan at the Wrestling Summit and why did he take Gordys place?
-Did he ever talk to WWF about a return in the early 90s?
-Why he never worked for WWF in the modern era.
-Going to work in WCW.
-Hansen compares WCW to Japan both in and out of the ring.
-Did he enjoy workin


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