How Mark Jindrak Became Marco Corleone DVD-R Set

How Mark Jindrak Became Marco Corleone DVD-R Set

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Four DVD-R Set

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Travel with Mark Jindrak as he tells his story and how he became the lucha libre sensation, Marco Corleone! This special FOUR disc set includes the shoot interview with Jindrak on disc 1 and THREE more bonus discs of action!!


Part 1: WCW
Mark Jindrak tells his unbelievable story of the night when he meet Alex Wright and Barry Houston and almost lost his life. That chance encounter lead to him relocating to Atlanta to train at the WCW Power Plant. Becuase of his size and natural ability Mark found himself on the big show very quickly.  Find out how unprepared Mark felt during his time with WCW.

Part 2: WWE
Luckly, Mark Jindrak found himself with ten other WCW stars in the only game in town, WWE.  From the get go Mark realized he need to up his a game and his hard work almost paid off. Mark Jindrak was set to have what later became Batista's spot in the super group Evolution. Find out what went wrong and why.

Part 3: Japan and Mexico
Released from the WWE Mark had to find his way in the world of pro wrestling. Japan seem like a likely choice but as fate would have it Mark found a new home and a new name in Mexico.

Part 4: Lucha Libre Name Game
We give Marco a list of names like, Shocker, Negro Casas, Heavy Metal, Mistico, and many more and Marco gives his honest opinion of all of them. Not all of the opinions are favorable including his thoughts on Mistico. Also, in the section Marco explains why he jumped to AAA and why it was a huge mistake.

Part 5: I Heart Mexico
Marco Corleone has found his place in the sun and he shares how he gives back to the Mexican community that took him in.

Part 6: Lucha Libre USA
This part is very erie in the sense that Marco discusses the future of Lucha Libre USA the day before it get cancelled on MTV. But after listening to Marco talk about the TV series you could clearly see the factors that lead to its cancelation. 

Bonus Matches
Mark Jindrak & Charlie Haas vs.Manabu Nakanishi & Kendo Kashin
Mark Jindrak & Jackie Gayda vs. Rodney Mack & Jazz

Disc 2

  • CMLL Debut at Gran Prix 2006
  • Great Muta, Johnny Stamboli, Mark Jindrak and Ultimo Dragon vs. Black Warrior, Super Porky, Lizmark Jr. and Universo 2000 (Arena Coliseo 5/14/2006)
  • Dos Caras Jr, Rey Bucanero and Shocker vs. Marco Corleone, LA Park and Kenzo Suzuki (Arena Mexico 11/17/2006)
  • Marco Corleone promo
  • Shocker and Universo 2000 vs. Marco Corleone and Kenzo Suzuki (Arena Mexico 12/15/2006)

Disc 3

  • Marco Corleone vs. Dos Caras Jr. (Arena Coliseo 2/11/2007)
  • Marco Corleone, Rey Buccanero and Shocker vs. Atlantis, Olympico and Ultimo Guerrero (Arena Mexico 4/13/2007)
  • Marco Corleone, Rey Buccanero and Negro Casas vs. Atlantis, Olympico and Mephisto (Arena Mexico 9/28/2007)
  • Marco Corleone vs. Ultimo Guerrero (Arena Coliseo, 3/2/2008)
  • Marco Corleone, Mistico and Shocker vs. Perro Aguayo Jr., Averno and Mephisto  (Arena Mexico, 4/30/2008)

Disc 4

  • Marco Corleone vs. Hijo de Lizmark (Hair Match, Arena Coliseo 10/17/2008)
  • Vampiro w/ Joaquin Roldan vs. Konnan w/ Marco Corleone
  • Marco Corleone & Latin Lover vs. La Hermandad - AAA Tag Titles Match (Triplemania 6/13/2009)
  • Marco Corleone vs. Chessman (10/17/2009)


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