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Elix Skipper Shoot Interview DVD

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Shoot Interviewwith "Primetime" Elix Skipper on 3/25/05 in Totowa, NJ to talk about his life and career up to this point. We talked about his early days and what it was like to train in the WCW power plant. He talks about how he got spotted by Vince Russo and what it was like in the WCW locker room as a green rookie. He talks about working with all the greats from this time like Billy Kidman, Rey Misterio Jr, and Kevin Nash. We talk about all the top names in WCW and how they treated him. Elix was there went the company folded and he talks about what went down at the last Nitro show. He talked about team Canada and teaming with Lance Storm and Mike Awesome.

Elix also talks about getting signed by the WWE and why he was sent to HWA and his feeling on it. He holds nothng back in this shoot. We then talk about his leg injury and how he ended up going to work for All Japan thru Great Muta. Elix talks about how he got into TNA. We talk about Low Ki, Chris Daniels and the XXX group. We discuss the booking in TNA with Vince Russo and Dusty Rhodes. We talk about all the latest rumors about TNA and all of his feuds in TNA. This is our first interview with anyone from the TNA era so this is a great look into the company of TNA. Here is a list of some questions that we asked Elix:

  • How did you get started
  • Were you a fan growing up
  • Talk about your high school and collegiate football career
  • What was the party scene like in the CFL
  • Did you play with anyone notable
  • How did your experiences as a professional football player help you in wrestling
  • How did you develop your sense of balance and timing
  • What brought you to the Power Plant
  • Did you train anywhere else before that
  • Who was in your training class
  • What was the school like
  • Thoughts on Buddy Lee Parker as a trainer
  • Do you think that the WCW school should have had someone with more credibility than a Buddy Lee Parker as their head trainer
  • Thoughts on Pez Whatley and his passing
  • Thoughts on Jody Hamilton
  • How often did Eric Bischoff or anyone in management come to the school
  • Take us through the day you were told you would be called up
  • What was it like the first time you showed up at Nitro
  • Memories of your debut match with Prince Iakea
  • How did the other wrestlers treat you
  • Did anyone rib you or give you a hard time
  • Did anyone take you under their wing
  • Did you do anything wrong that you can remember the first night
  • Initial impressions and thoughts meeting Bischoff
  • Initial impressions and thoughts meeting Vince Russo
  • Memories of your first PPV and the match with Alan Funk
  • What were the politics in WCW like then
  • Who were your traveling partners
  • Did you experience any racism
  • Thoughts on the lawsuit by Bobby Walker against WCW which he won
  • How did you wind up being paired with Lance Storm
  • Thoughts on Lance
  • Is Lance as dry off television as he was on television
  • What did you learn from Lance
  • Thoughts on being paired with Mike Awesome
  • Anything you can remember that he may have told you
  • Did he ever tell you his version of the story about leaving ECW
  • Did you ever consider trying to get into ECW before you went to the Power Plant
  • Memories of working Rey Misterio Jr
  • Why were you just given the Cruiserweight title by Lance and not go over anyone
  • Do you think it killed credibility to the belt
  • How much did you see a power struggle going on in WCW between Bischoff, Russo, Nash, and Hogan
  • How were you treated by and thoughts on Nash
  • Memories of Hogan, treated by and thoughts
  • What do you think killed WCW
  • Are you bitter about WCW dying
  • Would you have been part of Eric Bischoff's new WCW
  • How did you find out it was sold
  • What was your reaction as well as the other guys
  • How were you treated by and thoughts on Sting
  • How


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