The Reunion

The Reunion

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Paperback: 288 pages

After the death of her father, Nina Carey fulfills his last wish and struggles to bring together her three estranged brothers: Sam, a hardened cop currently on suspension, Leo, a loud-mouthed bail bondsman, and Douglas, a charming twenty-year-old thief fresh out of prison, who never even knew he had a family. Sam, Leo, and Douglas are eager to inherit their father's sizeable fortune, but there's a catch- before they can claim the money, the three brothers must start a family business together.

Leo becomes even more desperate for the cash when one of his bails skips town, and soon all three brothers are on the chase. They become entangled in a war with Meixcan drug cartels and wind up in the hunt for a kidnapped American billionaire. Their search will take them through the strip clubs, mountains, and deserts of Mexico where they will have to learn how to work together as a family if they want to stay alive.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Los Angeles, California: City of Angels, city of nothing. Ten million people living fast and breathing smog with no connections, no problems, no ties. A bustling city spread out from coastland to farmland to desert townships, from water to drought. The only chain that linked the desperate and disparate neighborhoods of this wide, sprawling town was the long, heavy arm of the Los Angeles Police Department, an unlikely, violent unifier for a dysfunctional city. Los Angeles was informally known as the Gang Capital of the Nation, and so it was no surprise that the authorities acted accordingly, earning a reputation for being one of the most violent forces in the country. Even now, almost twenty years after the race riots prompted by the Rodney King trial, the city was still on edge, walking the thin line between racial sensitivity and an authoritative stance over such a wide swatch of neighborhoods, races, and cultures. All the PR in the world couldnt change the past, but it could inform what came next. It could help the large force adapt and prepare for the changing landscape of the future, regardless of the violent undertones of the city.

Detective Sam Carey knew that, and perhaps thats what drew him into the line of work. On the force it was often hit first, ask questions laternot that different from what he saw growing up. But that was years ago.

The downtown skyline was all glass and steel, all the better to reflect the constant California sunlight. Brutal traffic perpetuated the smog that seemed to reach all the way to the ocean, the noises from the cars and trucks the only organic symphony Los Angeles could truly call its own.

Most of that was evident to Sam, who sat uncomfortably in the small, wobbly chair, his muscled frame towering over the cheap steel and fabric. His boss, Captain Haymer, sat across from him, his face set in the usual scowl. His words droned on but Sam wasnt listening; his eyes traveled to the open window, the dirty square framing the view of glaring sunlight and glass buildings beyond. He knew he should be paying closer attention to the angry noises coming from his captain, but something was distracting him like a rock in his shoe: an errant thought of his younger brother, Leo, even though they hadnt spoken in well over ten years. Theirs had not been an easy childhood, which probably explained the ten-year gap in communication. But one memory stuck in Sams mind: the little boy with the loud voice and terrified eyes looking up at Sam, his older brother. Hit me, he remembered, the words repeated over and over again. Hit me, hit me, hit me

Captain Haymers booming voice brought him back to the present, to the small, stuffy room, where the captain had set up a flat-screen television monitor on which to view Sams latest indiscretion. A couple of the other wonks from the force, offic


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