FAQ: Build-A-Belts

So what exactly is a "Trophy Belt" and how is it different from what I see on TV?

Belts used by WWE and other major promotions are usually made on a real leather strap and with 2mm thick plates. These belts are made by several different belt makers and will take months to complete and costs thousands of dollars. The Trophy Belts are designed use trophy metal (thin) and use naulgahyde for the strap rather than real leather.

  • Make a belt with your favorite College or Professional Sports Team
  • Weddings
  • Contest/Tournament Prizes
  • Gifts for special occasions
  • And just about any other event you can think of

How long can I expect to wait for my belt?

The belts generally take 2-4 weeks from the date of your payment. Please note: 4 weeks is the maximum wait time to expect, they come back to you in as little as 2-3 weeks (depending on how many orders are ahead of yours). Occasionally it may take longer than 4 weeks.

Can you make me a replica of a WWE, TNA, NWA or other organization's belt?

Unfortunately we can not make you an exact replica belt of another organization. This is for legal reasons, as the belts are trademarked and to replicate them would be infringement. We are able to offer belts with "United States", "Intercontinental", "World", and "Hardcore" as the Championship Title names. Also, any logo/picture that is trademarked or copyrighted must have a written letter of permission from the owner of the trademark/copyright before we can begin production. Highspots Inc. will not knowingly produce any belt containing illegally used images/likeness.

How exactly are the belts make?

When making a Custom Belt there are 3 main sections to design:

1 - Belt Strap: Made from a soft, supple, synthetic leather material.

a. Size: The belts come in Kids, Junior, and Adult sizes. Standard measurements:

i. Kids: Comes 40" in length, and the center plate measures approx. 8" high

ii. Junior: Comes 48" in length, and the center plate is approx. 8" high

iii. Adult: Comes 54" in length, and the center plate is approx. 10" high

iv. Please Note each size can be made longer/shorter, make sure to specify if you would like the strap longer/shorter in the Special Instructions Box (this will cost extra, but can be made to any length).

b. Color: You can choose your color strap, as well as trim for the belt.

i. Strap Color/Design

1. Colors: We can accomodate belts of almost any color.

2. Designs: Really want to stand out? Choose one of our strap design graphics to have on front of the belts (Just one of our options, more to be added soon)

ii. Trim

1. Trim can either be kept the same color as the strap, or pick a different trim to accent the main color

iii. Closure

1. Velcro: This is the easiest/cheapest method, as two velcro straps at each end are used to keep belt closed.

2. Snaps: Made from metal, these are a great way to tive your belt a legitimate look!

2. Side Plates

a. Number of Side Plates: We can make belts with 2 or 4 side plates

i. You can get all plates the same, or get each individual one customized

b. Size:

i. Kids/Junior: Approx. 3" x 3"

ii. Adult: Approx. 4" x 4"

c. Plate Layers: Choose a basic single layer plate, or to add a nice "trim" look, add a double plate, to give the border a different color tone.

d. Side Plate Format:

i. Basic: The design will be engraved or printed directly onto a flat plate.

ii. Raised Plates:

1. Rectangle: We put an additional plate on top of the single or double layer plate. The design will be put on this Mylar Holder, to really make it stand out!

2. Round: Similar to the raised rectangle, this adds a nice touch to your side plate.

3. Mylar Holders: This is the base of the raised plate, and you can choose from 3 different designs.

e. Side Plate Designs: You will have your choice between Generic or Custom-Designs

i. Generic: We offer several different selections for side plates (globe, wrestlers, flags)

ii. Custom: We are able to make many custom designs for the side plates. Please note, very complex designs are most likely not going to able to engraved, so they will be made from a sub-laminated logo.

3. Main (Center) Plate

a. Size of Plates

i. Kids/Junior: Approx. 7" x 6" (please note some plates may vary slightly in size)

ii. Adult: Approx. 9" x 9" (please note some plates may vary slightly in size)

b. Plate Layers: Choose a basic single layer plate, or to add a nice "trim" look, add a double plate, to give the border a different color tone.

c. Plate Design: The main plate logo can be designed 3 different ways

i. Trophy Plate (Engraved): This is for basic, pre-made designs. This is the cheapest option, and the metal is genuinely engraved by hand. The color selection will be limited to GOLD.

ii. Color Sticker: This is a strong adhesive sticker put on top of a plate. This is generally what we will use for more complex designs.

iii. Sublimation Logo: This is the best option for very complex designs. The image is "Screen Printed" onto a white metal plate.

So how do I know if my design is capable of being made?

Much like the custom gear, you can e-mail us before you order to see if we can make the belt in your design. You can send your logos to us via the "Contact Highspots" section of the website.

Why must some logos be sublimated or on a sticker?

We can only engrave certain logos, and anything deemed too complex we will rather use a lamination or vinyl sticker to speed up the production process and keep costs down for the customers.

How long are the belts (kids, junior or adults)?

Please see above information on "how custom belts are made."

Do you guys make "Spinner" belts?

We currently do not have the ability to make spinning championship belts.


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