Shipping & Returns

How Do You Ship?

You ultimately decide how the package is shipped, as Highspots uses both the post office and FedEx for shipping on a daily basis. Our online shipping calculator is currently integrated into the database of both companies to generate actual, real time price quotations based upon the weight of your package. At checkout, you will be presented with multiple shipping options that will vary in cost and speed of your delivery.

We will routinely get asked, “which one is better?” and the answer is always “It depends”. Here is more information on our shipping options that will help you decide which one is better…… for your needs.

Please note: In stock merchandise are shipped out the same day when the orders are placed by 12 noon on Monday-Friday. If you order after 12 noon, you should assume it will not ship until the following business day unless you call our office to confirm we'll be able to get the package in the mail that same day. We will only do that when you choose and pay for expedited shipping options.

Within the USA Shipping Options

USPS (United States Post Office – The guy that Delivers Your Mail):

We offer several services from the US post office

Please note - All PO Boxes must select one of the services from USPS, as FedEx does not have authorization to deliver parcels to a PO Box, unless you choose Fedex-Smart Post.

FedEx – Federal Express:

FedEx offers several services and is an overall superior product to the USPS alternatives. All their services have full fledged tracking features as well as several options for guaranteed dates of delivery. Note that FEDEX Home Delivery delivers to residential addresses Tuesday-Saturday. They do not deliver on Mondays, but they treat Saturday as a delivery day! This is the ONLY service that calls Saturday a standard delivery day, as all the express options DO NOT deliver on weekends.



How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping price varies by shipping carrier (FedEx/USPS) and by product weight.

To get an estimate of how much shipping will cost, please follow these steps:

  1. Register or login to the store (registration is FREE!)
  2. Add the items you are interested in purchasing to your shopping cart by clicking the ADD TO CART button
  3. View your shopping cart and you will see a listing of estimated shipping costs
Please note that you MUST be registered or logged into the store in order to see shipping prices as costs are estimated using your shipping address destination zipcode or country.

What Is Your Return Policy?

How Do I Resolve Order Problems?