Pricing & Billing

Payment Options

When Will my Card Be Charged?

When you place an order online, we charge your account right away. This simplifies billing by having the date or your order match the date your credit card was charged.

Why am I seeing more than 1 charge for the same amount?

99.9% of the time this is caused by your credit card being declined. Using the wrong billing address, selecting the wrong card company or entering one of the digits wrong can cause this. When your charge is the declined our credit card processer attempts to take the funds, but ultimately they are not received by us. The funds end up “stuck” with the processor and will be sent back to you. It may 1-3 business days to for the funds to be put back on your card. Your credit card company can usually.

Billing & Shipping Address Information

Your Billing Address MUST be the exact address that your credit card statement gets mailed to each month. If you need it shipped to another address, simply enter that in the “Shipping Address” section.

To ensure the safety of our customers we may contact you if the billing and shipping address are different. In some cases you may be asked to email us a photo of your driver’s license so we can verify that it is you that placed the order. This is a security measure we take to make sure nobody is using your credit card without authorization.

How Will I Recognize Your Charge on My Account?

All charges will be billed as Highspots

Do I have to Pay Sales Tax?

Our federal constitution prohibits the taxation of interstate commerce. Therefore, since Highspots is in North Carolina, you DO NOT have to pay taxes if you are located outside of North Carolina. IF you live in North Carolina, you will be charged sales tax.


Any video or audio download can only be purchased with a credit card or Paypal. We do not take check/money order for any download. If you do not have a credit card and would like a download we suggest getting a pre-paid credit card (can be found at Walmart and most grocery/convenient stores). Put however much money you need for the downloads and you can use this to purchase them.

Do You Price Match?

At this time we no longer offer price matching on our products. We have moved away from many of the commercial WWE/TNA items that would require price matching. Most of our items are now produced and sold exclusively by us anyways so there are very few retailers carrying the products.