VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Vickie Guerrero Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Vickie Guerrero Shoot Interview

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Imagine what it would be like if through an unforeseen tragedy, suddenly and abruptly, everything you have come to know as normal suddenly stopped. The person who you have come to depend on, built a life with, was no more. Your left with the shattered pieces of a life that will never be the same and the responsibility to carry on a legacy and be the foundation when only a day before the thoughts of this burden seemed unfathomable. Vickie Guerrero shouldered this burden, endured the pain, and as you will see with this in depth interview flourished under the most heinous of circumstances. It was with honor that RF Video sat down with Vickie Guerrero for her first ever shoot interview and she came with honesty, candor, and a sense of warmth that will resonate with the viewer long after the interview concludes.

Listen as Vickie tells of her first Meeting with the late great Eddie Guerrero and she tells of their first date, falling in love, and getting swept away by the charms of Latino Heat. She describes what it was like being introduced to the world of professional wrestling and goes into detail of the pride and passion Eddie had for the business. She talks about the bonds shared with as she describes the "rat pack" of Eddie, Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit. Vickie Describes how the death of her husband affected Chris Benoit the most as she describes changes in his behavior after Eddies passing. She goes into detail about the Chris Benoit tragedy with a perspective of someone who was extremely close with all parties involved. She then tells of her rise in the WWE and how a spot appearance turned into a long fruitful on camera run. She talks about jealousy towards the amount of camera time she was receiving from some and how she ultimately decided it was time to walk away.

Their are many light hearted moments as she describes what it was like getting "tombstoned" by the undertaker along with several entertaining road stories. It's interesting to hear of the respect and love she has for Vince McMahon while perhaps not feeling the same way towards Triple-H (we will leave that up to the viewer). She walks us through a life spent with one of the greatest workers of all time all the while telling of the highs and the lows. You will laugh and times and surely feel the emotions of a wife who truly loved her husband. You will hear her speak of the future, where she sees herself, and living a life without the chaos of professional wrestling. Regardless of where she goes from here her name has been etched in history as not only the woman behind the man, but the woman who stood tall when no one was there to hold her hand. Courage comes in many forms and it's sometimes missed, but there will be no missing Vickie. She endures as a mother, a loving wife, and carries proudly the last name that will forever stand the test of time. Excuse me!


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