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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Tony Schiavone Shoot Interview

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He was the voice of NWA/Mid Atlantic wrestling when most of us were teenagers in the 80’s when wrestling was still real to us all. He worked his way to the top of the mountain and became the face of TBS wrestling for the Crockett's alongside another legendary announcer David Crockett. He would later become an announcer in the WWE and of course return to WCW to host Monday Night Nitro and Thunder during the Monday Night Wars. For the first time ever Tony Schiavone sits down one on one with RF VIDEO for his first ever tell all interview that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

The interview talks about Tony's early days being a fan and going to house shows around his hometown. You will learn about his passion for the business and of course his passion for broadcasting. We talk all about is run working for the Crockett’s at a early age doing baseball for them out of their office and how one day he was lucky enough to get picked to go to Ric Flair’s house for a candid one on one interview for Starrcade 83 that earned him his spot with the company. They were just getting his feet wet, before he dove into the pool of the NWA to become the face of the company wether it was on Saturday afternoon or at 6:05 PM on TBS. Tony takes us thru a typical day during the NWA TV tapings in the 80’s and how he broke into the business and earned the trust of the boys. You will hear stories on all the greats that he was able to meet, including becoming friends with the top names in the business like the 4 Horseman. Do you want ton’s of backstage stories from the NWA during the 80’s, well you got it. Tony holds NOTHING back as this was a legit tell all interview.

What what did he learn from Dusty Rhodes and what was his opinion on him as the head booker for the NWA. Did he ever get ribbed by the boys, just ask Barry Windham that one. What did he think when he saw David Crockett get the Russian Sickle by Nikita Koloff? Tony has stories on all of the biggest stars of the NWA during the 80’s too, from Missy Hyatt, Michael Hayes, Road Warriors, Magnum TA, Jim Cornette and so many more. What happened when Hawk almost took his eye out by accident with a spike? Want to know how Jim Cornette almost killed a fan and why Tony jumped in to help and hold back Jimmy? What did he think about the NWA and the WWF going head to head? When did he realize the NWA was loosing the battle and what did he think about the Turner take over.

We talk about the early days in the office and what it was like to work for the Turner organization and why Tony wanted to jump ship over to the WWF in the late 80’s. What was his initial meeting like with Vince and Pat. What were the differences behind the scenes between both companies? What was it like working with Bobby Heenan. We also talk in depth about all the public bashing that might have went on as Bobby often would bury Tony on interviews. We asked Tony point blank about all the past heat issues there were between both men. Tony goes into great detail on his side of the story and holds nothing back. Why did he leave the WWF and what happened the day he got back to WCW for the first time. You will be shocked to find out who Tony called when he got back on the job during his first day.

You want stories on the Monday Night Wars from the guy who has seen it all…What did he think of Eric Bischoff taking over and becoming the Vice President in WCW. What were his views on the NWO angle. We talk about his first time seeing Lex Luger backstage in MN. We had to ask him of course why he gave spoilers out before Mick Foley one the title. Who called for that to be said and what happened when Mick Foley called Tony on the phone a few days after to express his feelings on the matter. There are endless WCW stories with all the top talent from Hall & Nash, Hogan, Goldberg, DDP, Chris Jericho and the list goes on and on. What was his take on all the backstage politics between Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff. His thoughts on Jim Herd in the company during it’s early days. We talk about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Did he ever laugh during a broadcast and if so who gave him heat for it?

What was it like for him to find out that the company was going out of business and that the WWE was taking over. Did he ever call Vince again for his job back? We go into great detail on the final WCW Nitro taping and what he did after the show ended. We talk about life after wrestling for Tony. Did he ever want to be in the WWE HOF? Memories of his brief run in TNA and what does he think about the business today. If you are a wrestling fan and love the business as much as I do, you will want to watch this interview as it needed to happen only with RF VIDEO. We left no rock unturned and asked him everything under the sun. If you loved the NWA as much as I did, you will love this amazing interview that lasted for three solid hours. Tony Schiavone gave us one of the best interviews of all time and just like I did you just never wanted to hear the words “Well Tony we got to go we are out of time."


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