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Mike Bucci who is better known in the wrestling world as Super Nova or Simon Dean. Here is a guy who started out on the indy scene, trained by Iron Mike Sharpe, was a comedy guy in ECW until near the end and became a lot better at his craft due to his mindset, had a goal and made it into the WWE. Not only did he get hired as a talent in WWE, he went to the top really quick behind the scenes. We all know of his gimmick Simon Dean which Mike put together himself, but Mike was able to climb the corporate ladder in a relatively quick time. Now like I said I have known him forever, but I never really knew how business savoy he was until this weekend. In talking to him during this 5 hour interview he came off so well spoken and it’s easy to see why he was in the inner circle in Titan Towers in CT as head of talent relations and in charge of over seeing the developmental system. 

I know my main goal here is to sell you a video so I stay in business but listen to me when I tell you this. This is not a shill at all, his interview is probably in my top 10 of all time because he never once held anything back. He told it like it was without realizing that he is telling the whole world what goes on behind the scenes in the WWE office. Well I am sure he did realize it but Mike talks the truth and in doing so probably gives the most in depth interview we have ever conducted when it comes to the operations of the company. This lead to the most entertaining interview in years because I never knew half of this stuff, and you know what I bet nobody knows this because its that inside. 

We started out the interview talking about his time after ECW and what he thought about the closing of the company and his relationship or lack of one with Paul Heyman. Mike talks about working the indy scene and going to CA and running his own company with his brother in NJ. Mike also for the first time gets to fire back at so many people that had stories on him for what ever reason, some guys did not like Mike and others did. When Mike got power, like in most jobs people has issues with him and we ask him all about it during this interview. Mike talked in great detail why he has had issues with Danny Doring and RoadKill and what happened in his mind when they worked together in CA for UPW. He also responded to what Rene Dupree said about him during his interview with our company. They were not the only guys who had negative things to say about Mike, he talked about what Bob Holly has said about him in his book and so much more.

Mike also had to work with a lot of other people in the business that he did not get along with. It was not always smooth sailing in the WWE offices as you can imagine everyone wants to be in charge. What happens when Mike told John Laurinaitis to keep Paul Heyman out of his office once he got the office job. Mike tells what went down between the two and why he did not want Paul in his office anymore. Mike talks about his great relationship with Johnny as well. What was it like to work with Tommy Dreamer in the office. Mike got to find out stuff before anyone else did and got to work with HHH and Steph on a daily basis. What were the problems in OVW and Deep South. Mike talks about going to Deep South and shutting it down and the office had to worry about Bill Demott at the time because he had a gun in there. You will here how they got in the night before and planned out the take over and what happened when they showed up and Jody Hamilton refused to submit to their wishes. This story is amazing as Johnny Ace had to fly in from Italy to be apart of this and it was like a mafia meeting. Trust me its a golden story. What troubles did he have working with Al Snow when he was in OVW and what did HHH think of Al Snow. Mike had to hire and fire a lot of guys. He talks about how he broke down when he had to let Angelina Love go.

Mike was also one of the boys as well, and witnessed brutal ribbings and wrestlers court with guys like JBL, Christ Benoit and a few others. He goes into detail on what he witnessed overseas with JBL and Justin Roberts and how scary it got. He talks about the deaths in wrestling and his thoughts on Chris Benoit, along with one of his all time favorite guys Eddy Guerrero. What did he think about Ken Kennedy and why did they get into a big arguement? I honestly did not have to get a word in as I would just mention my question and Mike was off to the races. 

Mike also did not like Bruce Prichard or Michael Hayes and he gives plenty of reasons why. This interview will leave the viewer feeling like your on the inside. This is unlike any other interview we have ever done before trust me. It is 5 hours long and by far the most exciting interview in years for inside stories on the WWE. When you see our set list of questions you will get a better understanding of what we talked about but I predict that many people inside the business will be wanting to hear what he says.


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