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RF Video is proud to announce that we have finally sat down with one of the most talented, outspoken and controversial wrestlers in the world! 'Mr. Wrestling' Kevin Steen has been one of the biggest names on the independent wrestling circuit for more than a decade and is on the verge of major mainstream success so the time was right for Steen to sit down with our cameras for the first time and tell all on his improbable rise to the top of the game.
Kevin Steen didn't exactly grow up in a wrestling hotbed. From a small town in Quebec, he developed a dream and overcame several obstacles along the way to reach the heights he has in a business where so many try and fail. In this interview we discuss every step in the journey, from his beginnings where he trained with the controversial Jacques Rougeau (aka The Mountie), to the burgeoning indy wrestling scene in Montreal with the IWS, to his debut at the ECW Arena in South Philly with CZW, his emergence as a top star in PWG and his turbulent rise to the top of Ring of Honor where he remains one of the most popular stars in the company's history. Steen's talent and charisma is undeniable and that's what took him to the top, but there many speedbumps along the way and as we mentioned before, Steen is very outspoken and isn't afraid to voice his opinions regarding his experiences...
In this interview, we go in depth on it all. We discuss what it was like training with Jacques Rougeau and why Steen consideres he experiences with The Mountie to be mostly negative, and he includes a story about a WWE tryout setup by Rougeau that ended very dubiously for the former WWE Tag Team Champion. Steen also shares some interesting thoughts on the opinions of Devon Nicholson, a proud student of Jacques Rougeau, and just what he thinks of Devon's claims. We talk about his first exposure to the American indy world via the IWS in Montreal and what it was like working for "PCP Crazy F'N Manny", a man well known for many reasons in the Quebec wrestling circuit. We go in depth on his arrival in the States where he and his peers made a huge splash for CZW at the ECW Arena, and Steen reveals his feelings on the treatment he and his friends received from John Zandig and the CZW locker room. We also discuss his debut and ensuing success with Pro Wrestling Guerilla in California and just how unlikely it was that he would catch on with the promotion as a major star for nearly 10 years.
Of course, Kevin Steen may be most well known for his meteoric rise to the top of Ring of Honor, where his reign as Champion is celebrated by many as some of the best times in ROH history. Of course, with the best of times, theres also the worst of times and Steen goes blow by blow with us on the controversy surrounding his heat with both Davey Richards and Jim Cornette, two ROH icons who never saw eye to eye with Steen. Kevin will take us through the war of words and tell you what was going through his head as it unfolded and exactly what was going on behind the scenes. Steen will take us through the change in bookers, from Gabe Sapolsky, to Adam Pearce to Delirious and the sale of ROH from Cary Silkin to Sinclair Broadcasting. Steen will also tell you a story about how his ROH career almost ended before it got off the ground thanks to a locker room incident with CM Punk that unfolded in full view of the locker room. And of course, Steen will tell you how he got past it all and became the face of the company and a man considered by many as the very best independent wrestler in the world....
We also discuss what the future may hold for Kevin Steen, including several revelations that we can't discuss here and now but you will be brought into the loop when you view this interview, and you will be left rooting for the guy who started from nothing at the age of 14 and rose to the top of one of the most cutthroat industries in the world. This man has been through it all, and now with RF Video you can re-live the journey with him.


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