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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Kenny Omega Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO had the chance to sit down with one of Pro Wrestlings most charismatic talents in the world, New Japan’s Bullet Club member Kenny Omega for his first ever RFVIDEO tell all shoot interview!!! During this interview you will hear all about Kenny’s trials and tribulations of breaking into the business as Kenny was never trained officially by anyone. He was that good and picked up the business easily. You will hear how he made his way onto the indy scene in Canada as he shares some early memories from up North and has some very scary road stories as well from Canada, especially the time his van filled with wrestlers almost fell thru the ice in the middle of no where. Kenny goes into great details of a hilarious story on his try out at Harley Race camp which landed him his developmental deal in the WWE.

You have all heard about the horrors of the Deep South developmental system run by Bill Demott and Jody Hamilton and Kenny who was one of the most gifted talents to step in their rings quit and you will find out what pushed him to the brink, what Bill did to others, what the group did as a whole to bring attention to the incidents, who Bill singled out and what really went on down in Deep South because we cover it all, from the workers he shared times with in the system to his thoughts on their developmental system as a whole. Your not going to want to miss this. What was a typical week down in Deep South really like?

Kenny takes us thru some carny experiences, on how he almost got his first TNA try out and why he went on roller coasters instead. It wasn’t long after that he was starting to get fed top indy guys in his Canadian fed and what happened when Samoa Joe did not want to lose a match against Kenny because of outside politics. We talk about his first meetings with AJ Styles, Red, Ultimo Dragon and other greats from the indy scene during the early 2000’s.

We cover the indy scene from PWS to JAPW that Kenny made a name for himself working on the East Coast. What did he think of Jerry Lynn, Low KI, Teddy Hart, Rhino and Jushin Liger.

Kenny landed a job in ROH but never got the big push or a contract. What was his take on his time in ROH and why he is not in a hurry to go back there. We cover his matches in ROH with all the top dogs. Kenny is also a main fixture on one of the biggest indy companies on the West Coast PWG. We cover his time working with Bryan Danielson, Young Bucks, Roderick Strong and the entire infrastructure of PWG.

What is Kenny’s take on Jim Cornette making fun of him and the Young Bucks for wrestling children or doing spots with them in the ring. We talk all about his match with the 9 year old girl and how it came about. This is a great story in itself and you will also learn how Kenny got a job in DDT from his viral videos which really gave him major attention.

You will hear tons of Japanese stories from DDT and we cover all of his major match ups that gave him match of the year candidates in the Observer. What lead to Kenny going to New Japan with Ibushi and of course we cover his run with the Bullet Club and how it came about. Want to know what happened with Jim Ross and Kenny after the Tokyo Dome show, you will find out in this interview as they had to go thru a crowd of fans back to their hotel. What was it like wrestling Finn Balor, but than Prince Devitt. Plus we throw him every New Japan name we could think of to give us his thoughts.

The biggest question that we wanted to ask, is if Kenny has any plans to come to the states and take what should be his, which is a top spot in NXT which should lead him to become a major player if he choices in the WWE. Watch his reaction when I ask him if there are any talks with him and the WWE and if he would like to go to NXT. His answer is amazing and will get people talking. What are his goals in New Japan and so much more!!!

This interview is a must if you follow the career of one of the best gifted pro wrestlers of this decade. When I first saw Kenny Omega, I saw a huge star in the making and after watching his shoot interview you will see the passion and love for the business that he has as well.


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