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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Frankie Kazarian Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO is happy to release the first ever sit down shoot interview with Frankie Kazarian.  This interview was conducted just a week after his contract expired in TNA!! Frankie has wrestled all over the world including for WWE, TNA and now ROH and has worked the indy scene for the top CA promotions like PWG and of course all the indy companies on the East coast!!!!

Before I get into his solo interview, you will be getting a bonus interview on this video that is explosive!!!!  We get Christopher Daniels and Frankie together for a one on one talk about their time together in TNA and its the most explosive “shoot interview” ever!!!  I think if we handed these two grenades they might have pulled the pin when they were talking about TNA and the way they were treated there.  I can’t put over how open and honest they were and it gets very, very heated as Chris explodes a lot during this portion of the video!!!

During the interview Frankie talks about breaking into the business and moving from the West Coast to the East coast to train with Killer Kowalski.  You will hear all about the hardships that he had to face as he was breaking into the business.  Frankie talks about going back to the West Coast and working with Rick Bassman and being around a young John Cena and Samoa Joe who were just breaking into the business at that time.  He had a long time friendship with Nova who just finished up with ECW around this time and he talks about their time together in UPW and the infamous tag match that had all sorts of drama with Danny Doring and Roadkill.  For the first time ever Frankie gives his side of the story.

He talks about the early days of PWG with the talent there like Super Dragon, Joey Ryan and working with the CA crew of Modest, Pearce, Donovan Morgan, Sara Del Rey and countless others….Frankie worked the indy scene for a little while before he worked in ROH and eventually worked for TNA.

In TNA Frankie quickly became a top contender working with the big dogs and secured his spot in the company when he was put into top matches with AJ Styles for the X Division title which he won.  He left TNA for some time early on and went to the WWE where he was part of OVW before being almost called to TV when Vince McMahon loved his work.  Frankie was told he needed to cut his hair by someone in the company and quickly decided to ask for his release.  Looking back he will tell you his feelings on wether he thought he made the right decision today. 

After working the indy scene in CA again TNA opened up their doors to him once again in 2006 where he quickly rises to fame.  Frankie was there for the entire Jeff Jarrett Karen Angle fiasco and gives his thoughts on it.  Did you like doing the gimmick for Christopher Daniels?  What was it like working with Brian Kendrick, Red, Homicide, Generation Me, Motor City Machine Guns, Doug Williams and the entire TNA roster?

Frankie also had to deal with the politics of TNA.  He was there for all of the regime changes.  He talks about working with and Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff, Terry Taylor, Big John and who ever else was on the corporate ladder that always seemed to change just like his partner Christopher Daniels.  He has views on working with a lot of these guys and is very outspoken on it.  Did he like being apart of Fortune and what was it like to get to work with the Nature Boy Ric Flair?

The bonus interview with Chris and Frankie together is pure gold.  They talk about what it was like working each other for the first time ever as they compare stories and its hilarious.  You will hear all about the rise of Bad Influence and who created the team.  What was the real storyline going to be with Dixie Carter, AJ Styles and Claire Lynch.  Why were they so mad about not being able to wear certain shirts on TV?  The best part of this video is when they both talk about how they were treated on the way out of the company and you might need to turn down your TV because it gets heated as both guys are basically talking direct to Dixie Carter and finally getting their frustrations off their chest.  

I know that everyone in the TNA front office will be getting a copy of this video as our sneak preview already has the wrestling world talking because of how passionate they were about working for the company.  Their comments already turned a few heads and RF VIDEO is going to give you the explosive shoot interview not only with Frankie but the special bonus face off with Chris and Frankie that does not burn bridges, they blow them up.  After hearing their side of the story, you can see why they were very upset about their final months with the company that they gave their heart, body and soul too.  RF VIDEO hits another grand slam out of the park with this shoot interview, order yours today!!!


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