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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Fred Rosser Shoot Interview

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Like most young wrestling fans they dream big and want to someday become a pro wrestling superstar in the WWE and be loved by everyone. At a very young age Fred Rosser had that desire and passion and reached for the stars!! He like most wrestling fans attended WWE house shows after discovering it on TV and wanted nothing more to become a professional wrestler. Fred followed the path of many other superstars that you see on TV each Monday night and first started to do back yard wrestling with his friends. Fred played football in school but quickly got the wrestling bug after he graduated and quickly joined the first wrestling school that he could find run by Kevin Knight in New Jersey. This is where his journey begins and this is where Fred developed his skills that would get him to the big game in the WWE and become a WWE superstar known as Darren Young. This is his story as he sits down for a one on one candid shoot interview for the first time ever since his release from the company with RF VIDEO.

You will hear how he adopted to the business as he quickly picked it up because he was a naturally gifted athlete. Who took him under their wings and gave him advice in his early stages. Fred talks all about his training and working the indy scene on the East coast. Wether it was for IWF, ECWA, Chaotic Pro there were lessons to be learned along the way. It wasn’t to long before he started getting looked at by the WWE. Wether he was going to the TV tapings as an extra or getting try out matches they saw something in him. You will hear all about his times going to WWE events before he got signed. Fred gives great advice to anyone who might be trying to follow his path on how to get noticed and what you should do once you get to the big game.

Fred covers his time down in FCW and what it was like to work with the trainers like Steve Kiern, Dusty Rhodes Norman Smiley and Dr Tom Prichard. Fred was in a great class surrounded by future stars and has stories on all of them like Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Usos,Low Ki, Trent Baretta and so many more. You will hear how he improved on his work by being surrounded by great trainers. What was a typical week for Fred in FCW and what are his early memories of working on early house shows for FCW? It was not long before Fred was called up to take part in the NXT reality series. You will hear his thoughts on the show and was it a work? What did he think about his Pro CM Punk? Did he like being paired with him and if he had another choice who would it be. How hands on was VKM involved in the show?

You will hear all about the major Nexus invasion angle and what went down at TV before the planned attack took place backstage? What were his thoughts on Daniel Bryan being let go after he choked Justin Roberts with the tie. What did VKM tell the group before they attacked him backstage? What was John Cena like to work with in and out of the ring? Was he one of the boys? What happened the night the group legit hurt Ricky Steamboat?

He talks candidly about failing a wellness test and explains his side of the situation. We talk about his return to NXT’s Redemption show and if he felt it was a step down or just great exposure. It was not long after that when he became a nice fixture in the WWE tag team scene with his partner Titus Oneil. What was Titus like outside of the ring? What did he think about the night Titus put his hands on VKM? Did he like being a babyface or a heel? We talk about the team as a whole and all of the many programs they had with other top tag teams. Did he like feuding with Titus or teaming with him better?

He was 100% so laid back and down to earth that I know everyone will enjoy his shoot with RFVIDEO. How did the entire concept come about to team up with Bob Backland and how did he present it to VKM. How was his relationship with VKM? What was it like to work with Bob Backland and what quirks did he have? There are some very funny road stories that involve Bob during this part of the interview. These are all great stories that you can’t miss. Darren gets very candid when it comes to his sexuality and we discuss his entire coming out on TMZ and the aftermath. He talks all about his projects that have to do with his stance on hate and he really is a great guy as he cares about people in general. We talk about his in ring injuries and how his release came about. I think any current WWE fan will love this interview because we touch on everything you would want to hear about during the current product that you see on TV today. Don’t count out Fred Rosser FKA Darren Young Mr No Days Off, as he has so much more in store for you and you will hear all about it during this exclusive shoot interview with RF VIDEO!!


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