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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - David Crockett Shoot Interview

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I could not wait to see David Crockett. He was one of my all time favorite announcers during the 80’s. He was always cheering for the babyface and he has this emotional voice that made you want to cheer for the faces too. He was so good at what he did even thought Dave Meltzer said he was one of the worst announcers of all time. I happened to love watching him interact with the heels and loved it even more when he would be condescending to the heels, especially when he went to far and Nikita Koloff gave him a shoot close line. I first talked to David on the phone a few months ago and he was very excited to come to NY and take up my offer of doing his first ever shoot and signing. He was first class all the way, and many people don’t know after the sale of Crockett promotions David was hired by WCW and worked in production until its final days. 

We started off the interview talking about what it was like growing up as a child in the wrestling business. His father was the owner and founder of Crockett promotions one of my personal favorite companies of all time. David talked about first being exposed the business at a young age. You will hear how he broke into the business and what roles he had early on before becoming an announcer. It’s no secret that he was once a wrestler himself and you will learn why he had to quit the business due to a illness. After his father passed away, David and his brother took over the business. Since David grew up around the NWA he was around all the legends of the 70’s and David talked about many of the top names of the territory and his interactions with each of them. You will hear what responsibilities he and his brother Jim Crockett had when they took over the family business. Why was it that Jim become the front man of the company and David took the back seat. What role did George Scott play in helping rebuild the company and what did the early bookers like Ole Anderson and Dory Funk Jr do for the company. You will hear early stories on all the top names like a young Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Harley Rave, Wahoo McDaniel and the entire Mid Atlantic talent pool. David has story after story and held nothing back. 

You will hear all about his infamous plane crash as he was on board with Ric Flair, Johnny Valentine when his plane lost control and crashed. Want to hear how the first Starcade came into play? How did Dusty Rhodes gain the trust of his brother and what tensions down the road came out of their friendship. For the first time ever David talks about his internal problems with his brother and Dusty Rhodes over financial decisions that were being made. Was Dusty over spending by booking bands and other decisions that David was not in favor for. Did the fights with his brother ever get physical? Want to hear about the real wrestling war between the NWA and the WWF before the Monday Night Wars? What really went on behind the scenes when Vince lost TBS and got a million bucks. Does David feel like they funded wrestle mania? What tactics were being played by both sides in the early 80’s as Vince started to buy out the territories and take their top stars. Want to hear about what it was like for the NWA to start to work with AWA and why it failed. Why did David have heat with Jim Ross over the sale of the UWF and why didn’t the NWA use the Mid South talent in more prominent roles. 

Now the 80’s for the NWA was by far my favorite time as a fan watching the business. We talk all about the 4 horseman, Dusty Rhodes, Midnight Xpress, Rock N Roll Xpress, and the entire talent pool that was on TBS during that time. Was Magnum TA about to get the strap before the car wreck? Did Nikita and David have real heat and why did Nikita really close line him on TV. Was it a planned spot? We talk about the top angles and more of the expansions of the company and what led to it finally closing down. We spent a ton of time on the NWA during the 80’s and trust me I think I asked David everything you would want to know about that time period from 83 to 88. You will hear about the sale of the company to TBS and what David did to try to stop it from happening and why he finally excepted the deal with his brother. What was it like working for Ted Turner as you will hear all about the backstage politics on what it was not like for him to be a employee of a wrestling company and not have any real power. Even when WCW was in trouble you will hear why they would not listen to David just because of his last name. David was there with WCW until the end as the chief production manager. He will talk about how the company spent way to much money or crazy gimmicks and what it was like to work with Jim Herd, Kip Frey, and Eric Bischoff. Who was doing bigger business the NWO or the 4 horseman during their prime in the 80’s.

The stories are just endless and we talked about his brothers fall out with Paul Heyman after the failed WWN upstart in NYC. Who had Eric Bischoff’s ear the most during the Monday Night Wars. What did he think of Hall and Nash? How much heat did he get when Halloween Havoc ran out of time on live PPV with DDP vs Goldberg? What speech did David give at the final Monday Nitro in FL and why did he speak up and give that speech to the boys. Did David try to buy WCW before Vince bought it. 

One of the best part's of the interview is when David gives for the first time a direct message to Vince McMahon and you will want to hear what he has to say. I was shocked that David actually said this but RF VIDEO being the leaders of the shoot interview, captured this amazing message. If you love the NWA and the golden era of the Crockett years this video is not a must, its something you need to watch to survive, it’s just that good!!!


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