VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Christopher Daniels 2014 Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Christopher Daniels 2014 Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO is happy to bring you the brand new 2014 Christopher Daniels shoot interview that was conducted right after his release from TNA and Chris sat down for his first interview about his entire time in TNA and did not sugar coat anything.  Along with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels was one of the few original TNA wrestlers that put the company on the map.  He has been there since day one and has worked with every wrestler that stepped inside the TNA rings and has put up with all of the politics that go along with working in TNA wether it be working with talent, bookers, writers, agents or who ever was running the company besides Dixie Carter…Chris has worked with everyone from Jerry and Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, Bruce Prichard,Dusty Rhodes, Eric Bischoff, Terry Taylor, Big John and who ever else was on the corporate ladder that always seemed to change.  Chris recaps his entire career in TNA with RFVIDEO as we talk about it all!!!  Not only working with all the major TNA talent but what it was like to work with everyone that was running the show too!!!  As you will hear it was not always the greatest times because there were always changes being made behind the scenes in the company.  

Chris also discusses his entire time working in ROH and we talk to him about all of his major programs in ROH even leading up to his most recent return to the company.  You will hear stories about working with the Prophecy, Steve Corino, CM Punk, Low Ki, Joe, Red, Paul London, American Dragon and anyone who stepped into the ring with him during his time in one of the most honorable rings in North America.  

We talk about his time in PWG  and the new ROH and what it was like to work with Kevin Steen, El Geneirco,Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and all the top indy talent in both companies. 

The stories on this video are endless as you could imagine Chris shares so many stories with us that have never been talked about before including his issues with Vince Russo which Chris responds to what Vince had talked about him during a  recent interview where he buried Chris as a talent.  You will hear first hand why Chris was so frustrated with his time in the end in TNA and what lead to his time coming to an end after he created his new tag team with Frankie Kazarian that is tearing up the wrestling world right now.  

From working with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Jeff Jarrett, Americas Most Wanted, Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper, Chris has been in the ring with all the greats of TNA.  We talk about so many of the major stories that has happened behind the scenes in TNA like the time Dusty Rhodes booked for the company, Ric Flairs time in TNA with Fortune, what it was like during the Hogan era in TNA, Chris Candido’s tragic passing, Kevin Nash time in TNA, Kurt Angles rise in TNA, working as Suicide, Monday night war with WWE, Hogan run in TNA, Awesome Kong and Bubba Love Sponge incident, thoughts on Nigel McGuinees career getting cut short, WWE talent coming into TNA for easy money, ECW invasion, Bully Ray and dealing with Dixie Carter during his run in TNA and so much more!!!!

As you all know Chris is one of the most entertaining workers out there.  He has worked for every major company and you will see why during this interview.  He is so entertaining during this one on one exclusive RF VIDEO shoot interview and trust me when I tell you this, everyone will be talking about this interview for years to come!!!  If your a huge fan of TNA and ROH this is a video you have to own!!!

Plus enjoy an additional hour of footage of Christopher Daniels and his tag-team partner Frankie Kazarian as they discuss their time as Bad Influence!!


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