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VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Aldo Rose Shoot Interview

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Everyone has a dream to be famous when they are a kid and Rose who was born in a small town in Africa wanted to be a famous professional wrestler ever since he was 10 years old. His dream became a reality after wrestling in small indy feds in Africa but he knew he needed to get out of the country if we wanted to be discovered and lucky for him, his long time pal Justin Gabriel was able to get out before him and break into the WWE.    It was than that Justin Gabriel called back to Adam who was still in Africa and semi retired and asked him if he wanted a job in the WWE.  He hadn’t stepped inside a ring in over a year and yet flew over to the states for a WWE try out and got hired.   Now for the first time ever Rose sits down with RF VIDEO to discuss his WWE run that was filled with ups and downs and you will hear all about what really happened between the two sides when Rose asked for his released after months of controversy  surrounding his drug related suspension and recent arrest that was later dropped.  
We talk about all of the early parts of his career in Africa and what it was training in another country.  How shocked was he once he got to the states and why did he want to quit after a few weeks?  Who was his mentor in FCW and what did he learn from Terry Taylor, Dusty Rhodes and the other mentors at FCW.  What did Adam think about Bill Demott and did he feel that Bill was a hard trainer to work with?  Rose was around all the biggest names you see on TV each week before they were stars like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Low Ki, Xavier Woods, Bray Wyatt, Sandow and the list goes on and on.  You will hear a lot of stories of these guys before they got called up to TV while they were still in the developmental system. 
How did his character evolve from Leo Kruger to Adam Rose.  Who helped him with the transition and what road blocks did he face.  What was HHH like to be around as a boss and how approachable was Vince. Although he didn’t spend much time in NXT, Adam was one of the first ever stars to be called up to TV and be apart of the main rooster.  Was it too soon and was he happy with the Adam Rose character.  You will hear how he would have booked him instead of what you saw on TV.  What was going on behind the scenes with the writers and how much pressure did he feel he needed to succeed before they were to pull the plug.  How did the ESPN piece effect his run if it did at all.  Who was the bunny and what Rose Buds did he like the best.  We talk about his run with Sandow, Zack Ryder, Fandango and other top WWE superstars.  
Rose holds nothing back when talking about the different partners he teamed with during his run with the Social Outcasts and other partners he was put with before that angle.  What really happened when he failed his test with the Wellness Policy.  Who from the WWE contacted him during this time and what made him go to twitter?  Why did he delete his post and repost it a week later?  Was someone from the company messing with him during this time?  Rose talks candid about his frustrations with his push or lack of. Rose really wanted to set the record straight about his arrest and he tells his side of the story and why the charges were dropped.   What made him ask for his release with the WWE?  
This is a really open and honest interview that we did with Rose and I think it felt good for him to get a lot off his chest.  I know you guys will really enjoy this one especially if you watch WWE each week, he has stories on almost everyone including the biggest names like John Cena, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, Wyatts and so many more.


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