VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Steve Blackman Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Steve Blackman Shoot Interview

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One of wrestling's most fascinating eras is the era of the late 1990s. Steve Blackman lived that era as a WWE superstar. Steve Blackman's career began long before he jumped the guard rail in 1997. The jumping of the guard rail and his WWE debut was just the icing on the cake.
Steve Blackman sat down for one of the most interesting interviews to date. Steve's career began in the 1980s and he remembers every day of it. Steve talks in the very beginning of the interview about why he never used steroids in wrestling or succumbed to drug and alcohol abuse on the road with a great story from his past. A great way to start, yet it was only the beginning.
Steve talks about lying his way into New Japan and a tour that would change his career. Who did he meet that changed his career on that tour and why? Who did he meet on that tour that tormented him and made his life miserable? What two wrestlers almost pushed him to the brink? Steve also talks about some great ribs played in Japan and a hotel prank that almost got him thrown him in jail.
Steve talks about his days in Stampede with one of the most famous crews in wrestling. Steve tells some great Brian Pillman stories that have never been told before. Steve also talks about touring with Owen Hart, the Bulldogs, Pillman, and more. Steve recounts some great Owen Hart ribbing and how they all found out who the stooge of the company was? Steve also has some great Stu Hart stories.
Steve made a deal to start with the WWE in the late 1980s, early 1990s but never did start until 1997. What happened? Steve talks about almost dying and the longest plane trip of his life. Steve also talks about the pitfalls of trying to come back and the suicidal thoughts he had on the road to recovery.
Steve returned to the WWE locker room in 1997, but not to wrestle. Steve came looking for years of retribution. Remember the two guys who tormented Steve years ago in New Japan? Steve walked into a locker room in Hershey, PA and told his friends he was here for payback. Who was it? What happened when Steve finally confronted him? Why didn't Steve take retribution in Japan? The story is a great one!


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