VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Terry Funk Shoot Interview 2003

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Terry Funk Shoot Interview 2003

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'The Hardcore Legend' Terry Funk sat down for his third Shoot Interview to cover a number of topics. Funk is open and honest as always in getting us up-to-date with his views and his career. You'll hear all about Funk's recent matches and the inside scoop on recent promotions he's worked in. Funk has a lot of interesting views to give on the current day wrestling industry. Funk is not just revered as one of the greatest wrestlers ever, but he is respected for having one of the best wrestling minds ever. When Funk gives his thoughts and opinions, there is always something to be learned. Here are just some of the subjects Funk talked about:

-Talks about why he hasn't retired 
-How he physically feels 
-Thoughts on the 4 way match last year against Abby, Dusty, & Sullivan 
-Were there egos involved in the match with guys not wanting to put somebody else over 
-How those guys have changed throughout the years 
-Talks about the rumor that WWE was trying to get him to appear on Raw a few months back when the honored Mick Foley 
-Would he ever go back to WWE 
-Would he want to wrestle Foley again 
-Thoughts on the current WWE product 
-Talks about the McMahons being all over the TV 
-Does he think Vince has lost touch with what the fans want to see 
-Opinion on doing the brand extention and splitting the rosters 
-Memories of wrestling Shane Douglas for XPW in Philly 
-Why he never wrestled again for XPW 
-Did XPW have any idea what they were doing 
-Talks about the XPW locker room 
-Thoughts on Shane's booking 
-Thoughts on Rob Black 
-Why he hasn't appeared for NWA TNA and will he ever go there 
-Thoughts on their product 
-Thoughts on doing a weekly PPV 
-Opinion on whether they can survive 
-Thoughts on wrestling for MLW 
-Talks about some of his MLW matches including the barbed wire match against Steve Corino 
-Thoughts on how Corino has developed over the years 
-Thoughts on MLW trying to copy ECW 
-Working with Jerry Lawler again 
-Talks about WWE pulling Lawler from the War Games show 
-Is there any interest in going back to Japan 
-Have any japanese promotions contacted him 
-Thoughts on Inoki bringing more of a shootfighting style to New Japan 
-Thoughts on how All Japan has changed over the years 
-His feelings on the rumors that All Japan could go out of business 
-Talks about the possibility over having one more match with Mick Foley 
-Thoughts on working for 3PW 
-Memories of wrestling Sabu again 
-Current thoughts on Paul Heyman 
-Thoughts on his match against C.M. Punk 
-Talks about his favorite promoter to work for over the years 
-Talks about his favorite territory to work for 
-Are they any promotions that can change the business like ECW did 
-What would a regional promotion have to do to be successful 
-What he sees as the biggest mistake young wrestlers make today


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