VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Nick Patrick Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Nick Patrick Shoot Interview

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One of the most familiar men ever to don a striped shirt in pro wrestling is Nick Patrick. Some could argue that Patrick is the most decorated referee in WCW history. There aren't many refs that have refereed WrestleMania, Starrcade, and have been involved in some of the biggest angles of all time. Nick Patrick is one referee who has done all of the above.
Nick sat down for a rare shoot interview with RF Video. Nick goes into tremendous detail about growing up with one of wrestling's most legendary fathers. What famous masked man gave birth to Nick Patrick? Watch the RF Video Shoot Interview and get the scoop.
Nick gives us a great behind the scenes look at the chaotic years of WCW. Nick has been through several bookers, different owners, and worked with all of the legendary greats. Nick has some great stories about his run with the N.W.O. What was it like being a part of pro wrestling's most powerful faction at the time? Nick tells all about life in and out of the ring with the New World Order.
Nick also talks about his negotiations to come to the WWF in the 1990s with Brian James. What would Nicks role have been? Why the jump? What was it like sitting across a negotiating table from Vince McMahon? Nick Patrick brings us inside the board room and talks about the angle that could have been.
Nick also talks about refereeing some of the biggest shows and matches in wrestling history. What is the real story behind the screwed up finish at Starrcade 97 and what were the ramifications? What was it like to work with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Ric Flair, Goldberg, and more? What are the differences between Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon?
Nick also talks about integrating into the WWE locker room from WCW. Nick talks about the different demands on WWE referees and his thoughts. Nick talks about the politics of the referee position in the WWE. Nick has some great stories about some of the biggest stars in the WWE.  Hear an interesting story about JBL, and working with Kane. Nick also talks about being tested by the various WWE talents coming from WCW.
This is a great shoot if you love gossip and classic stories. Nick also gets very emotional when talking about the Chris Benoit family tragedy. As someone who knew Chris and Nancy personally, Nick has a very personal take on the situation. What were his initial thoughts? What is it like to hear this story as a father in the wrestling business? Find out in the RF Video Shoot Interview.


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