VIDEO DOWNLOAD - The Kevin Steen Show with Paul London

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - The Kevin Steen Show with Paul London

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Happy Birthday PWG!!! For the small percentage of the wrestling world who have no souls and hate PWG love fests, we are doing an entire Kevin Steen show about PWG just to stick it to those miserable bastards. Just kidding, we are doing it because PWG is awesome.

Following the epic TEN show, we sit down with The Intrepid Traveler himself, Paul London. We were a little rushed on time because Paul had to catch a plane to the Juggalo Gathering (I'm pretty sure he meant spaceship because the conversation Steen had with him was out of this world), but what he left us with was pure Paul London gold. Lets just say you will never look at bacon the same way ever again.

Finally, the viewers of this Kevin Steen Show will also get to see the post show, in ring celebration, at the conclusion of PWG Ten where everybody is ready to dance!


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