VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Faceoff Vol. 11 - Missy Hyatt & Honky Tonk Man

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Faceoff Vol. 11 - Missy Hyatt & Honky Tonk Man

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Let me give you two names and you tell me what comes to your mind... Missy Hyatt and The Honky Tonk Man... controversial comes to my mind. When RF VIDEO sets out to conduct a new interview for our Face Off series we make sure we are going to give you a good bang for your pun intended there Missy.

Well that is exactly what happened when we sat down and had Missy and Honky paired up for the very first time for our newest Face Off volume 11 series. Both are no strangers to the RF VIDEO video cameras and everytime we turn our cameras on they both deliver with home runs. So we thought it would be a blast if we had them together for the very first time on one super DVD!!

What do you get when you put a couple that never holds back when you turn the camera on? A off the wall interview that will have you glued to your TV set for the entire length of the DVD. The interview starts off with Missy Hyatt asking HTM some questions that she wanted to ask for a long time. She did her homework as she had a ton of questions for him about his early days pre WWE. She asked him a lot about working in Memphis and the golden years during the territories. I quickly took over when she was done and asked them both about current events. You want to hear about what really happened with TNA and the HTM? Why is there heat with him and Bubba. What do they both think TNA needs to do to work. Both have some messages to Dixie Carter, Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Here are just some of the hot topics we touched upon:

You guys are both very open in public and online with your thoughts. Missy you've been very open with your sexual conquests and Honky you have talked a lot about rats. To relieve any sexual tension can you tell us if you two have ever hooked up before?

What wrestling marriages do you think were doomed for failure? Which ones are you surprised worked out?

What are your thoughts on Bubba the Love Sponge?

What are your thoughts on TNA letting go of Awesome Kong in favor of Bubba, only for Bubba to keep stalking her until he got fired?

What are your thoughts on TNA bombing on Monday nights?

What are your thoughts on Eric Bischoff?

If you were booking TNA, how would you change it, or is it just a dead end?

What are your thoughts about Virgil being back on WWF TV?

You guys do a lot of conventions. What people make you think "shit that person looks really bad"? and "Wow that person looks really good?" What are the best conventions you've done? The worst?

Honky, you put it out on your site you were going to TNA, only to say you were working everyone. Why did you do that?

Is it tough for both of you, being over 50 years old to make a living off the wrestling business? Do you guys have other source of income?

What are your thoughts on Eddie Graham?

Do you guys have any good indy stories, like stories that only would happen in indy wrestling?

Have you noticed that indy crowds are down? Why do you think that is?

What are your thoughts on Linda running for Senate?

Honky you are a friend of bret hart. What are your thoughts on his comeback to the WWe?

IS there anyone on current WWE TV that you think will be the next big star?

What are your thoughts on the Orlando Jordan gimmick in TNA?


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