VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Justin Credible 2003 Shoot Interview

VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Justin Credible 2003 Shoot Interview

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Justin Credible sat down with RF Video for a second time to conduct a Shoot Interview looking at the most famous years of his career. Credible is open in talking about everything from his reign as ECW world champion to the demise of the company to his stay in WWE. Credible holds nothing back in talking about why he was miserable in WWE and in covering all his greatest ECW moments. This is not just a shoot for Justin Credible fans, this is one for people who want an inside perspective on life on the road in WWE and ECW. Check out these topics:

-Matches with Shane Douglas in ECW
-How it was working with Sid Vicious
-His thoughts on the ECW/TNN deal
-What the locker room thought about the TNN deal
-His reaction to Raven returning to ECW
-Wanting to work with Raven or not
-Differences with Paul Heyman on things in his contract
-Feelings in the locker room about working in ECW
-Thoughts on taking the Dudley Boyz spot when they left ECW -Thoughts on the fued between Raven/Dreamer vs. Impact Players
-What he thought about Masato Tanaka and matches with him
-What it was like teaming up with Lance Storm
-How Lance Storm was outside of the ring
-What Credible thinks of the Lance Storm "boring gimmick" going on in the WWE
-Was the WWE going to do anything with the Impact Players?
-Opinion on having Dawn Marie and Jason as managers in their corner
-How Jason benefitted the team and matches
-Thoughts on Francine
-Who is better Dawn Marie or Francine
-Ideas shot down that wanted to be done with the Impact Players
-How he felt about working with Danny Doring and Roadkill
-Reaction when he found out Lance Storm was going to WCW
-If there was an opportunity for him to go to WCW
-Did Heyman make an effort to keep Lance?
-Memories of winning the title from Tommy Dreamer
-Reaction from fans the way it was done
-If it hurt the tag titles the way they were dropped
-The physical shape he was in at the time
-Expressing to Paul Heyman how he wanted to be champion
-Memories of the matches with Steve Corino and what Steve was like
-Memory of getting knocked out by a kick from Tajiri and the heat with Tajiri from it
-Who Justin liked working with alot
-What it was like working with Kid Kash
-Memories of going into the Heatwave 2000 PPV in Los Angeles
-What he thought about the XPW guys at ringside
-His reaction of them interfering with his match
-If the whole scene affected the match in anyway
-When did he see that ECW was coming to a close
-Thoughts on the match when he dropped the belt to Jerry Lynn
-If he felt it was a good idea or not
-Any regrets or anything that he would have done differently with his run as ECW Champion
-Memories of the 4-way match when Corino won the title
-If he thought ECW would pull through or could be saved
-What the morale was like in the locker room when people weren't getting paid and cancelled shows
-What the drug scene was like in ECW at that time
-Memories of the last 2 ECW shows
-If WWE was already talking to him about plans
-His reaction to Paul Heyman showing up on RAW
-What Credible thought about the offer WWF gave him
-His relationship with Heyman in WWE
-Thoughts on the X-Factor gimmick with X-Pac and the matches they had as a team
-How it was to work with Albert
-Who else WWE wanted to be in X-Factor
-What it was like working with the Hardy Boyz
-Differences in WWE from the first time he was there to the second time
-If he was treated any different the second time from the first
-How Triple H changed over the years
-How X-Pac changed over the years -When he started not caring about WWE
-What Justin thought about the ECW invasion
-Thoughts on working at Wrestlemania
-Any regrets on his second WWE run
-His thoughts on Jeff Hardy


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