ECW Hardcore TV Volume 7 Complete DVD-R Set

ECW Hardcore TV  Volume 7 Complete DVD-R Set

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    GET ALL 10 DVD's from ECW Hardcore TV Season 7
    Included in this set:

    ECW Hardcore TV 276-279


    1 Intro: Sab, RVD & Fonzie

    2 Taz vs. Bigelow – Living Dangerously clips

    3 Interview with Taz

    4 Promo Storm & Candido

    5 Recap: Candido & Storm vs. Sabu & Van Dam

    6 Interview with Shane Douglas w/Francine

    7 Preview of Heatwave 98

    8 Masato Tanaka & Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Awesome & Justin Credible

    9 Preview of Heatwave 98

    10 Taz vs. Bigelow Heatwave Highlights

    11 Promo: Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido

    12 Interview with Taz

    13 Sabu vs. Taz - Barely Legal

    14 Sabu vs. Taz - Wrestlepalooza 97

    15 Shane Douglas vs. Taz - - Wrestlepalooza 97

    16 Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm - Highlights

    17 Promo: Lance Storm

    18 Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome - Highlights

    19 Promo: Mike Awesome

    20 Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn - Highlights

    21 Sabu & Van Dam vs. Hakushi & Hayabusa - Highlights

    22 Preview: Dreamer, Sandman & Spike vs. Dudleys

    23 Interview with Shane Douglas w/Francine

    24 Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm

    25 Announcement of Tammy Sytch’s ECW status

    26 Preview of Sabu vs. Taz

    27 Taz vs. Sabu vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - 3 Way Dance

    28 Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

    29 Show Intro with Joey Styles & Shane Douglas w/Francine

    30 Interview with Joel Gertner & Dudleys – RVD comes out

    31 Justin Credible vs. Sandman

    32 Justin Credible Interview

    33 Tammy Lynn Sytch Promo

    34 Dudleys vs. Rob Van Dam – Sabu comes in – Triple Threat comes in



    ECW Hardcore TV 280 -283


    Chris Candido w/ Tammy vs. Lance Storm

    Big Sal Graziano vs. Spike Dudley

    Sandman vs. Tracy Smothers

    Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido vs. The Dudleys - 3 Way Dance

    Lance Storm Introduces Tammy Lynn Bytch

    Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm

    Kronus vs. Sal Graziano

    Tommy Rogers vs. Tracy Smothers

    Sandman vs. Justin Credible w/Jason - Loser gets caned

    Confrontation:Triple Threat , Taz & Bill Alfonso

    Recap: Candido vs. Storm

    Jerry Lynn vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    Tommy Dreamer vs. Danny Doring - Big Brawl erupts

    Masato Tanaka vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

    Sandman-Justin Credible Preview

    Masato Tanaka vs. Balls Mahoney

    Recap:Triple Threat vs. Triple Threat brawl

    Recap:Sandman caning Jason

    Interview w/ Justin Credible & his assassins

    Sandman vs. Rod Price

    One Man Gang vs. Spike Dudley



    ECW Hardcore TV 284 -287


    Tommy Dreamer announces the departure of Sandman

    Justin Credible & Jack Victory jump & cane Dreamer

    Promo: Sabu, Bill Alfonso & Rob Van Dam

    Video Recap:Justin Credible path of destruction

    Video Recap: Sandman Career

    Spike Dudley vs. One Man Gang

    Masato Tanaka vs. D-Von Dudley

    Triple Threat Interview

    Mike Awesome Video

    Tracy Smothers vs. Tommy Rogers..Big Brawl as original FBI member JT Smith returns

    JT Smith Video

    Bill Alfonso Makes Taz an offer

    New Jack, Kronus & Tommy Dreamer vs. Rod Price, Jack Victory & Justin Credible - Street Fight Match

    911 returns

    Spike Dudley vs. 911

    Interview with Lance Storm w/Tammy Lynn Bytch

    Lance Storm ring announces Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch

    Triple Threat vs. Sabu, Rob Van Dam & Masato Tanaka

    Lance Storm Video

    November To Remember Preview

    Justin Credible vs. Balls Mahoney

    Masato Tanaka vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley

    Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Candido

    Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm

    Tommy Dreamer vs. Justin Credible - ECW Death Match



    ECW Hardcore TV 288 -291


    Clips of Storm vs. Candido w/ Sunny 

    Van Dam video

    Sabu vs. Bam Bigelow -  Douglas & Van Dam

    Terry Funk Video

    Balls vs. Tanaka (Dudleys run in)

    Dudleys vs.  Balls & Tanaka

    Dudleys jump Balls & Tanaka before their match with Sabu & Rob Van Dam

    Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs. Dudleys -  Title change

    Jack Victory vs. Tommy Rogers

    Clips of Justin Credible canning Tommy Dreamer

    Shane Douglas interview

    New Jack interview and Jack Victory jumps him

    November to Remember video

    Dreamer interview

    Terry Funk interview from PPV

    Video Stills: Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm

    Lance Storm w/Tammy Lynn interview

    Triple Threat interview

    Recap: Dudleys Jumping Balls & Tanaka

    Axl + Balls + Tanaka interview

    Video Stills: Balls & Tanaka vs. Dudleys

    Funk & Dreamer In ring interview

    Video Stills: Triple Threat vs. Triple Threat

    Shane Douglas Interview

    Jake Roberts & Tommy Dreamer vs. Justin Credible & Jack Victory clips from PPV

    Taz interview and Shane comes in and offers Taz anything he wants if he destroys SABU

    Dudley vs. Balls & Tanaka (Title Change)

    Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer (Justin Credible attacks Dreamer) 






    ECW Hardcore TV 292 – 295


    Shane Douglas hires Taz to be his hitman to destroy Sabu

    Lance Storm vs. Mikey Whipwreck  - Mikey Takes Jerry Lynn’s place

    New Jack interview

    Fan Cam: Shane Douglas vs. Sabu

    Fan Cam: Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

    Clips of Spike taking out all the big guys in ECW

    Shane Douglas vs. Spike Dudley  -  Taz & Sabu come in

    Shane Douglas interview - Taz comes in

    Rob Van Dam vs. Rod Price

    Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn 

    Lance Storm vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    Taz & Shane Douglas vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam - Sabu almost gets his neck broke by Taz

    New Jack, Spike & Tommy Dreamer vs. One Man Gang, Rod Price & Big Sal

    Rob Van Dam vs. Mike Lozansky 

    Recap: Taz almost breaking Sabu’s Neck

    Phone Interview with Taz

    Fan Cam: Terry Funk attacks Tommy Dreamer

    Tammy on the beach

    Dudleys vs. Balls, Tanaka & Hack Myers - Axl Rotten comes in with a barbed Wire Baseball Bat (Wild and Bloody)

    Sabu vs. RoadKill  - Taz watches the match from the Crowd

    Shane vs. Kronus but Taz Takes out Kronus before the match 

    Video Montage

    ECW Breaking News

    OMG & FBI vs. Nova, Chris Chetti & Tommy Dreamer

    Mikey vs. Rod Price - New Jack comes in

    Justin Credible vs. Tanaka

    Video Montage



    ECW Hardcore TV 296 – 299


    Shane Douglas vs. Gedo – ECW World Title Match

    Shane Douglas , Taz & Sabu feud clips

    Sabu & RVD interview from Japan

    Mikey vs. Jerry Lynn - Lance Storm is at ringside

    Justin Credible interview

    Mike Awesome vs. Tanaka

    RVD & Sabu vs. Dudleys - Title Change from Japan

    Taz interview

    Justin Credible attacks Chasity and a chick from the crowd joins in on the attack and then Bob Artese gets attacked and caned and Tommy Dreamer makes the save until Terry Funk makes a run in and then they all destroy Tommy Dreamer!!!!

    Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Antifaz (ECW Debut)

    Rob Van Dam Promo

    Robert Gibson promo - Danny Doring claims he is his Dad funny

    Balls vs. RVD  

    Taz vs. Sabu – FTW Title Change

    Terry Funk interview from Queens and he attacks Dreamer

    Shane interview Taz comes in and tells Shane he is facing him at the PPV and not Sabu

    Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Pablo

    Super Crazy vs. Antifaz (Super Crazy ECW Debut)

    RVD vs. Skull Von Crush

    Lance Storm interview

    Lance Storm vs. Spike Dudley

    Preview to the PPV

    Dudleys chuck New Jack from stage through a table

    Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Taz

    Recap of feuds with Dreamer vs. Funk & Taz vs. Shane

    RVD Promo

    Video Recap



    ECW Hardcore TV 300 – 303


    Guilty as Charged Recap

    RVD Interivew

    Video Stills: RVD vs. Lance Storm 

    Lance Storm Interview

    Taz vs. Shane Clips – Sabu’s Return

    Video Stills: Super Crazy vs. Tajiri

    Sid Vicious vs. Kronus

    Justin Credible Promo

    Terry Funk Interview

    Video Stills: Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer

    Dudleys attack New Jack & Challenge the Public Enemy

    Skull Von Crush vs. Sid

    Super Crazy vs. Tajiri

    Lance Storm interview

    Shane Douglas vs. Taz – ECW World Title Rematch

    Taz Interview

    Highlights of Taz vs. Shane

    Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten vs. Sabu & RVD

    Dudleys dressed up as the Public Enemy and they challenge Public Enemy and then they show up Brawl !!!!

    RVD& Sabu interview

    Shane Douglas interview Chris Candido Attacks him

    Sid destorys Chris Chetti

    Lance Storm vs. Spike Dudley

    Super Crazy vs. Tajiri

    Taz vs. El Diablo

    Taz & Sabu conflict



    ECW Hardcore TV 304 – 307

    Sid on Fan Cam destroying Rod Price

    RVD vs. Ulf Herman

    Dreamer & Storm interview from House Party 99

    Lance Storm Video

    Dudleys vs. Public Enemy Feud recap

    Fan Cam: Spike vs. Big Dick Dudley

    Fan Cam: New Jack dives of a balcony

    Little Guido vs. Antifaz

    Fan Cam: Super Crazy vs. Taijri – Concord, NC

    Steve Corino vs. Kronus - Sid comes in 

    Taz Interview

    Little Guido vs. Chris Chetti

    Dudleys interview

    Mustafa Returns to ECW and attacks New Jack

    Shane announces his retirement and then Credible & Storm come in and cane him and Francine in the face!!!

    Dudleys vs. New Jack & Public Enemy Feud Recap

    Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

    Skull Von Crush vs. Sabu - Sabu attacks a fan a spikes his face Bloody

    Storm introduces Tammy Lynn Bytch as Beulah McGillicutty

    Fight with Storm & Justin vs. Shane & Dreamer 

    Highlights of Sid in ECW

    Taz Interview in the Hood

    Clips of Funk vs. Sabu - Barbed Wire Match

    Dudleys interview

    New Jack promo

    Taz Promo

    Taz vs. Shane Douglas clips

    Taz interview



    ECW Hardcore TV 308 – 311


    Balls & Axl vs. Road Kill & Danny Doring

    Video Montage

    Jerry Lynn vs. Sabu - Taz comes in

    Shane Douglas vs. Lance Storm - Justin Credible at ringside

    Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas In Ring Interview

    Mustafa vs. Spike -  Dudleys & New Jack come in

    Dreamer & Shane vs. Dudleys vs. Sabu & RVD - Three Way Dance

    Clips of Dudleys attacking Sid Vicious

    Sid Destroys Nova, Chetti & Rod Price 

    Video Stills: RVD vs. Jerry Lynn

    Little Guido vs. Tajiri

    Super Crazy vs. Antifaz

    Jasmine St Clair and Francine Cat Fight 

    Video Stills: Dreamer & Shane vs. Justin & Storm

    Video Stills: Taz vs. Sabu

    Interview with Sabu, RVD & Alfonso

    Clips of RVD vs. Bam Bam Bigelow from 4/4/98 – TV Title Change

    Nova & Chris Chetti vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill

    Video Montage

    Steve Corino hires Dudleys

    Lance Storm vs. Tommy Dreamer - Justin Credible comes in and canes Shane Douglas

    Jerry Lynn vs. Tracy Smothers - RVD and Sabu come in


    ECW Hardcore TV 312 – 315


    Lance Storm & Tommy Dreamer In Ring Interview

    Rob Van Dam vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

    Credible interview

    Taz vs. Chris Candido

    Clips of Cage Match

    Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Jerry Lynn

    Super Crazy vs. El Mosco

    Shane Douglas vs. Justin Credible

    FBI vs. Balls & Axl

    Taz vs.Chris Candido Highlights

    Taka Michinoku vs. Papi Chulo

    D-Von Dudley vs. Rob Van Dam

    Taka Michinoku vs. Jerry Lynn

    Taz & Cyrus interview

    Taz, Candido & Steve Corino brawl

    Little Guido vs. Nova 

    Tommy Dreamer vs. Lance Storm – Francine gets caned

    Dudleys In Ring Interview – RVD Comes out


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