Raven Shoot Interview Volume 1 DVD-R

Raven Shoot Interview Volume 1 DVD-R

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RF Video has finally done one of the most requested shoot interviews ever. The one and only Raven sat down with RF Video for a three hour shoot that covers his first ECW run in great detail. Raven's career covers so much and he gives such complete answers that this shoot interview will be released in two parts. The second part will be conducted in the near future. In part one, Raven discusses his start in the wrestling business. He covers his early days in Memphis, Florida and Portland and is completely open about his drug and womanizing lifestyle. Raven then talks about his first runs in WCW and WWF including partying with Shane McMahon and his true feelings about Bill Watts. Find out what working behind the scenes in WWF was like and why he didn't like it. From there, Raven goes into great detail about his first ECW run. He discusses his relationship with Paul Heyman, the development of the Raven character and his legendary feuds vs. Tommy Dreamer and Sandman. Raven is open and honest about it all from drugs to his most famous angles to his true feelings about everyone he worked with. This is a must for any ECW or Raven fan!!! Here is the full list of topics:
-Why he wanted to get into wrestling.
-Training at the Monster Factory.
-Working in Memphis as his first territory.
-Going to Florida.
-Why he got fired from Florida.
-Going to the Portland territory.
-His drug and womanizing lifestyle in Portland.
-Raven holds nothing back in talking about his drug use.
-How he got himself over in Portland.
-The Scotty The Body character.
-His favorite angles in Portland and why they worked. This is like a lesson in booking!
-Going to Global Wrestling Federation and why it fell apart.
-Meeting his hero Michael Hayes.
-Going to WCW.
-What he did to impress Dusty Rhodes and get his WCW job.
-Becoming cruiserweight champion in WCW.
-His famous match vs. Brian Pillman.
-Traveling with Pillman and Steve Austin in WCW.
-Why his push ended when Bill Watts came in.
-Raven holds nothing back in discussing his true feelings about Watts.
-Why WCW got rid of him.
-Going to WWE.
-Why he was a manager instead of a wrestler.
-Did he like being a manager better than a wrestler?
-Partying with Shane McMahon.
-How did Vince feel about his partying with Shane?
-How did the locker room react to his partying with Shane?
-Could Shane hang with him?
-Why he isn't friends with Shane anymore.
-Hosting USA All American Wrestling with Gorilla Monsoon.
-How he got his job in production in WWE.
-Why he didn't like it.
-Why WWE thought he was working 60 hour weeks when he was sleeping until the afternoon everyday.
-Where did the idea of the Raven character come from?
-What was Dallas Page's role in the develpment of the character?
-Why he didn't remember his first conversation with Paul Heyman.
-Where did Beulah McGillicutty come from?
-His drug and alcohol use at the time.
-Lots of details on his feud against Tommy Dreamer.
-The development of the Raven character.
-His outside the ring relationship with Stevie Richards and why it was so tumultuous
-His relationship with Paul Heyman.
-How much creative control did he have over the Raven character?
-The chair shot heard around the world.
-The first piledriver on Beulah.
-The final match vs. Dreamer and why he didn't want to lose.
-Lots of details about The Sandman feud.
-The story behind using Sandman's wife and kid in the feud.
-What it was like working with a seven-year-old.
-Why the Barely Legal poster really bothered him.
-His role in developing The Dudley Boys.
-His influence on the entire ECW locker room.
-What made him stay for 2 1/2 years in ECW?
-Did he know he was going to leave after Barely Legal?
-The real reason he went into rehab.
-Heyman's reaction when he went into rehab and no showed a big ECW Arena show.
-Working with The Pit Bulls and the problems he had with them.


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