IWA Mid-South Womens Division - Pride & Passion Volume 1-5 DVD-R Set

IWA Mid-South Womens Division - Pride & Passion Volume 1-5 DVD-R Set

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Are you a fan of women's wrestling? Then this special set is a MUST for you! IWA Mid-South put out a lot of great women's matches, including entire women events!  This set includes five discs of some great women wrestlers including Lacey, Rain, Daizee Haze, MsChif, Mickie Knuckles, Mercedes Martinez, Traci Brooks, Angel Williams, Allison Danger & more!!!
Volume One
  1. "SENSATIONAL" SHERRI MARTEL vs. LEXIE FYFE (12.08.01 Charlestown, IN Christmas Carnage 2001)
  2. LACEY vs. RAIN (05.03.02 Indianapolis, IN)
  3. LACEY vs. RAIN (06.15.02 Clarksville, IN No Blood, No Guts, No Glory 2002)
  4. HAILEY HATERD vs LACEY vs. RAIN - Special Referee: Joel Gertner (11.02.02 Clarksville, IN Ted Petty Invitational Tournament Night Two)
  5. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. HAILEY (08.01.03 Clarksville, IN "King of the Death Matches" Night One)
  6. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs.. RAIN (11.07.03 Salem, IN "2003 Ted Petty Invitational" Night One)
  7. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. DAIZEE HAZE (11.21.03 Highland, IN "Breaking Balls")
  8. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. DAIZEE HAZE (12.19.03 Lafayette, IN "Winter Wars 2003")
  9. DAIZEE HAZE & MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. RAIN & LACEY (12.20.03 Highland, IN "Stylin & Profilin")

Volume Two

  1. DAIZEE HAZE vs. ALLISON DANGER (01.17.04 Highland, IN "Put Up or Shut Up")
  2. DAIZEE HAZE vs. MsCHIF (01.31.04 Lafayette, IN)
  3. LACEY vs. DAIZEE HAZE (02.13.04 Highland, IN "Payback, Pain, and Agony")
  4. DAIZEE HAZE vs. LACEY (02.28.04 Lafayette, IN) 2 out of 3 falls
  5. IWA Women's Six-Way: LACEY vs. RAIN & DAIZEE HAZE & MsCHIF & ODB & MICKIE KNUCKLES (03.06.04 Highland, IN)
  6. MsCHIF vs. DAIZEE HAZE (04.09.04 Oolitic, IN "April Bloodshowers 2004")
  7. DAIZEE HAZE & MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. MsCHIF & ALLISON DANGER (04.10.04 Highland, IN "Simply The Best 5")
  8. RAIN & LACEY vs. DAIZEE HAZE & MICKIE KNUCKLES (05.07.04 Lafayette, IN "You Gotta See This")
  9. ANGEL WILLIAMS vs. ODB (05.08.04 Highland, IN "Meeting of the Minds")


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