Extremely Crazy Wrestling Fans The Documentary DVD

Extremely Crazy Wrestling Fans The Documentary DVD

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Extremely Crazy Wrestling Fans
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Extremely Crazy Wrestling Fans
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Extremely Crazy Wrestling Fans pulls no punches as this DVD fully exposes wrestling fans as the most blood thirsty, insatiable and most of all, loyal fan base on the planet. These Extremely Crazy Wrestling Fans are as hardcore as the wrestlers

they follow, as they live and die wrestling, everyday.

Through the years there have been many great wrestlers and wrestling companies from

the AWA, NWA, XPW, WCW, WWE and the ever popular defunct ECW. The concept of this DVD was to capture wrestling fans on camera as they hold nothing back talking about their experiences growing up on wrestling, talking about their favorite wrestlers and their favorite memories.

Segments include:

  • The Fans Stories
  • Girlfriend/Wife/Family
  • Favorite Wrestler
  • Travel Time to Wres


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