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Billy Gunn Shoot Interview DVD-R

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This shoot interview was with none other than the man formerly known as Billy Gun or the man formerly known as Mr Ass. He was the one man who played a huge part in turning around the WWE ratings in the Monday night wars. He was a huge part in one of the most successful WWE gimmicks of all time Degeneration X. He was also a huge WWE player as one of the top dogs. He rolled with the top players and you will not beleive what he has to say about Shawn Michaels and HHH!!!!

He talks about his entire wrestling career from the very start until his most recent days in TNA. He was open about his drug use and steroid use. He was one of the funniest guys that we have sat down with because he has no ego and speaks his mind. He was apart of WWE when they were doing bad and when they were back on top. Does he think HHH married Steph out of love or for the power? What is his take on the curtain call at MSG? Why did he not like HBK and hate HHH? What about the Bret Hart and HBK real life fued, was it a work?

The Outlaw talks about being apart of the Smoking Gunns to being apart of DX with his partner Brian Armstrong. The stories from this time period are amazing. To say he does not like HHH is a understatement. This is the first time that someone actually spoke out on HHH and the political games that he plays.

From all of his major storylines and feuds this interview covers it all. We will look at all of his major wrestling matches and angles as well. This one shoot you do not want to miss. Here is what the Mic had to say as he was able to sit in on this amazing shoot interview.

Billy Gunn Verbally Destroys Triple H

Billy Gunn, who talks about every aspect of his 13 year WWF/WWE career, really lets loose when the name Triple H came out. Billy explained how Triple H stabs people in the back and gives examples on how Triple H stabbed him in the back. Gunn, who was in the company for 13 years, talks about all the politics in the WWE, and talked about the rise of Triple H in the company. Billy even suggested that Triple H married Stephanie McMahon for power and not out of love. It's always been said by people who HAVEN'T seen Triple H weild his power backstage that Triple H is truly the GAME when it comes to politics, and Billy Gunn is the first person to come right out and call Triple H out on everything. Gunn gives examples of things that Triple H has done and how the wrestlers are scared to knock him out because they don't want to lose their jobs. For all the Triple H haters out there, Billy Gunn confirms all the rumors and hearsay. It is safe to say that there won't be a DX reunion anytime soon.

Also in this interview, Billy Gunn openly discussed steroids. Billy admitted to using steroids, but made it known that steroids aren't necessarily a bad thing. Billy talks about his personal steriod use and how the WWE lifestyle forces you to use them. Billy tells stories about how he was injured and close to being paralyzed but Vince McMahon made Billy wrestle through it.

Billy Gunn was in the WWE from the early 90's until 2004. Everything is discussed in this shoot interview. I'll have a full detailed live review of this shoot interview later on this weekend. For people looking to know more about the WWE from the 90's until now, the influence Triple H has, and so much more, this is one interview you don't want to miss.

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4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Outlaw, 5.20.2006
Reviewer: Jeffrey Morin (Portland, ME)

Gunn comes across as upfront and honest in this shoot. He does not hold back regarding his true feelings on HHH. Goes into detail about steroid use and what it was like to keep going in WWE.


4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Billy Gunn shoot DVD-R, 5.20.2006
Reviewer: Earl Craig (Pinedale, CA)

"FROM: E.J. Craig Pinedale


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