The Stone Cold Truth DVD

The Stone Cold Truth DVD

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Stone Cold Steve Austin will tell his won story, in his own words, in his own unique style. Travel all the way to England to hear the Texas Rattlesnake's two daughters Stephanie and Cassidy, on Stone Cold the dad. Journey with the Rattlesnake back to his home of Edna, Texas for the first time, this notoriously private man opens his world to you. Plus his Mom, Dad, brothers and sister discuss just how a young, polite and shy Steve Williams turned into Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Get candid comments on just how the Texas Rattlesnake felt about Owen Hart before and after taking the piledriver that nearly left the Rattlesnake paralyzed, and ended it all, before the Stone Cold phenomenom ever took off.


  1. Wrestlemania XIX
  2. Bring it On
  3. Down home with the Rattlesnake
  4. Paying Dues
  5. WCW & The Hollywood Blondes
  6. Austin's Truck and Sam the dog
  7. ECW to Stone Cold Steve Austin
  8. Now is the Time
  9. Singing with Stone Cold
  10. Getting Personal - Family Life
  11. Summerslam 1997 & Owen Hart
  12. The Look
  13. For the Love of the Business
  14. Survivor Series 2003


  • WCW
    • TV Title Match: Stunning Steve Austin vs. Beautiful Bobby Eaton (06/03/91, WCW Worldwide, Austin wins the title)
    • A Flair for the Gold with the Hollywood Blondes (05/15/93, WCW Saturday Night)
    • Hollywood Blondes vs. Arn Anderson & Ric Flair (06/17/93, Clash of the Champions XXIII)
  • ECW
    • Mick Foley talks about Austin ECW
    • Promos:
      • as "Hulk Hogan" (ECW Debut, 09/16/95)
      • on Mikey Whipwreck & Sandman (09/23/95, Middletown, N.Y.)
      • on being held down by WCW (10/10/95)
      • on Eric Bischoff and being fired on "Beulah's Box"(10/31/95)
      • at the end of his time at ECW (12/19/95)
    • ECW Championship Match: Steve Austin vs. Mikey Whipwreck (11/18/95, November to Remember)
  • WWE
    • Ringmaster vs. Scott Taylor (01/20/96, WWE debut, Superstars)
    • Intercontinental Title Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart (08/03/97, Summerslam, Austin wins title)
    • Stone Cold Beer Bash (05/05/03, RAW, with Bill Goldberg & Eric Bischoff, includes 10 minutes from after RAW went off the air)
    • Stone Cold & Lilian Garcia sing "America the Beautiful' (05/26/03, RAW)
    • Stone Cold toasts a beer on Vince McMahon's birthday (08/24/03, Summerslam)
    • Stone Cold drinks beer, rides chair down ramp (11/03/03, after RAW went off the air). Austin takes a chair from the announcers and rolls down the extrance ramp.
  • Family Stories
    • Stone Cold
      • Tells a story about the Edna Jail
    • Brother Kevin
      • Snapping Turtle
      • Selling water in a plastic bag
    • Sister Jenny & Brother Kevin
      • Steve being shy when he was young
    • Brothers Scott & Kevin
      • About being timid on a horse
    • Father Ken
      • Steve's encounter with a rattlesnake
    • Daughter Stephanie
      • Message for her dad
  • Moments (comments by the Austin Family)
    • Wins first Championship (03/29/98, Wrestlemania XIV)
    • Drives a Zamboni into the arena (09/28/98, RAW)
    • Surprises Mr. McMahon in the hospital (10/5/98, RAW)
    • Pours concrete in Mr. McMahon's Corvette (10/12/98, RAW)
    • Stone Cold Beer Truck (03/22/98, RAW)

Easter Eggs (hidden features):

  • On the "Extras" menu, go to WCW and highlight "Flair for the Gold". Press the right arrow. Portion of "Flair for the Old" segment from WCW will then play.This is a segment where Brian Pillman is dressed up as Ric Flair and Steve Austin is intereviewing him when Arn Anderson steps in and pu


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