Buyer's Guide

How Can I Order? works essentially like most other reputable online companies. You first navigate through our website, adding items to your shopping cart. Don’t be afraid to add items to the cart, you will be given an opportunity to remove items later, prior to be asked for payment. Like a typical store, you finalize your order through the “check out” process.

You should follow this shopping cart ordering method for all orders, whether they are with a credit card or with a money order/check. Just follow the instructions, the site walks you through the ordering process like you are new to the internet.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate

You can purchase a gift certificate online by Clicking Here. This gift certificate can be issued electronically or through a gift certificate in the mail.

How Do I Get a Coupon?

Coupons are not issued upon request. Sporadically, we will send coupons out to customers on our mailing list. We will often provide coupons to customers that attend live shows in which Highspots is a vendor.

Finding a Product

The main search tool on the website is search engine.


Do you Have a Location I can Visit?

We do not have a showroom for you to visit. However, for people that would like to test our wrestling rings, we can arrange a time/location.