Sir Oliver Humperdink Shoot Interview DVD-R

Sir Oliver Humperdink Shoot Interview DVD-R

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    The manager of champions, Sir Oliver Humperdink, was the latest wrestling legend to grace the lavish RF VIDEO headquarters to participate in a brand new shoot interview! We were able to get Humperdink to talk on the record about his entire career, from working security for Verne Gagne's AWA, through Florida, to the big two of WWE and WCW. Humperdink managed many of the big names of the last generation of wrestlers, including the Fabulous Freebirds, the Samoan Swat Team, Superstar Billy Graham, and Bam Bam Bigelow. A 2005 nominee to the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club, Humpdink spoke openly and honestly about every asset of the business. Fans of the Kansas City and Florida territories will enjoy this shoot as Big Daddy Dink goes into those promotions and talks about working with all of the greats like Bruiser Brody, Gordon Solie and Kevin Sullivan.

    For those interested in the near lost art of managing, this is a vital DVD to add to your collection as Humperdink discussed manager's role in wrestling as well as talking about all his peers like Jim Cornette and Bobby "the Brain" Heenan. Why are male managers gone today in wrestling? Humperdink gives his reasons why along with talking about all of his charges. From managing talent as diverse as Ox Baker and Mr. Pogo to Rocky King and the New Wild Samoans, Humperdink has been around the block and tells RF VIDEO everything he saw! What was it like being in WWE during the late Hulkamania years? What about working for WCW in the early '90s? Humperdink tells a ton of great stories from both promotions!

    Memories of working security for the AWA
    Did you interact with any of the guys
    Who were your favorite guys to watch
    Did you deal with Verne then
    How did you get into the business
    Were you trained as wrestler
    Who trained you
    What was the training like
    Did you learn how to bump
    Memories of your first match managing Rene Goulet and Lars Anderson
    Memories of managing the Hollywood Blondes
    Was Buddy as crazy as they say
    How did you wind up in the Montreal territory
    Thoughts/memories of the Vachons
    Any good road stories
    Did anyone mentor you here
    Who did you ride with
    Memories of working for Gene Lebelle
    Memories/thoughts on John Tolos
    Memories of working for Leroy Mcguirk
    How did you wind up in Florida
    Why didn't you go with the Blondes to Tennessee
    Memories managing Billy Graham and Ox Baker
    Did you know Graham would be as big a star as he would become
    Was Billy's drug use real bad around this time
    Memories of working for the Funks in Amarillo
    Memories managing Mr. Pogo
    Memories of working for Harley Race in Central States
    Early memories of managing Sid Vicious as Humongous
    Larry Matysik said in his books that Central States payoffs were low, do you agree
    How did you wind up holding the Central States TV title
    Could a manager make a ft living back then
    Memories of Eddie Graham
    Memories of Dusty
    Memories of JJ Dillon
    Did JJ ever try and hold you back since he was a manager and booker
    Memories of managing Kevin Sullivan
    Memories managing Bruiser Brody
    Were you there the night of the famous match with Brody and Luger, thoughts
    Memories managing Ron Bass
    Thoughts on the Windhams
    Thoughts on Gordon Solie
    Did you ever try and learn booking there
    How much different was billy graham when he came back
    Memories of Mark Lewin
    Why did you wind up making the move to the Mid Atlantic area
    Thoughts on Jim Crockett
    Memories managing One Man Gang
    Memories of Jimmy Valiant
    Good road stories
    How did you develop your gimmick
    Memories of Ric Flair
    Favorite matches from this time
    Were you ever contacted by any other territories during this time
    How did you wind up in the WWF, who contacted who
    What were you promised
    Initial impressions of Vince
    Memories o


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