John Tatum Shoot Interview DVD-R

John Tatum Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Get ready for a 1980s wrestling superstar from two well remembered, and beloved, promotions; World Class Championship Wrestling and Bill Watts' UWF. Hollywood John Tatum, the man who brought us Hyatt International, sat down with us in the studios to record a very entertaining shoot that goes into great detail on some of the most amazing years, and territories, in recent wrestling history.

Tatum discusses his entire career, including how he met the lovely Missy Hyatt and got his first break with Fritz Von Erichs' World Class. All of the big names of World Class were talked about, including: Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, Sunshine, Rick Rude, and, of course, the Von Erichs. Tatum even talked to us about the disastrous appearance of cousin Lance Von Erich, which is one World Class memory the entire state of Texas would like to keep buried! You?ll be very surprised to hear Hollywood?s thought on that subject.
It was in Bill Watts fabled UWF that Tatum received the lion?s share of recognition during his career, and in this exclusive interview, John discussed the ins and outs of the promotion while giving his thoughts on all the big angles and wrestlers during his stay with the company. You knew we would have to confront Tatum point blank about what happened between Missy Hyatt and Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert, and Tatum answered every question we threw at him while giving an amazing recollection of how the events went down so many years ago. 
Tatum finished his career after stints in USWA and Global, so John was more than happy to give his thoughts on Memphis? own Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee while also dishing the dirt on guys like Scott Raven Levy, Mick Foley, and Jerry Lynn. We concluded the interview by getting Tatum?s thoughts on anything and everything in the world of wrestling from the past through today. You wont want to miss this fantastic addition to the RF VIDEO shoot interview series!

Were you a fan growing up
Is it true you grew up with Michael Hayes, Robert Gibson, and Percy Pringle
Who did you enjoy watching
How did you break in, who trained you
What was his training like
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training
Memories of your first match
Is it true you started out being booked as Michael Hayes' cousin
How heavy of a partier was Michael back then
Did anyone mentor your and if so, who
What were some of the territories you worked early on in your career
Memories of the mid-atlantic area
Did anyone mentor you there
How did you meet Missy Hyatt
Early memories of Missy
Was she a fan
Was she hesitant about valeting early on
How did you get into World Class


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