Ryan Shamrock Shoot Interview DVD-R

Ryan Shamrock Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Here is what Ryan Shamrock talked about:
-How she got involved in WWF.
-Getting booked with Val Venis.
-How her deal was only for one show.
-Why she continued to work in WWF after that.
-How she met Ken Shamrock.
-Talks about being the character of Kens sister.
-How their personal relationship took off.
-Going into the wrestling business and not being a wrestling fan.
-Her opinion on WWFs product.
-How she didnt know how lucky she was to get the WWF job.
-How her opinion changed about WWF.
-She gives the scoop on how WWF treated women.
-Thoughts on the other divas like Sunny, Sable, etc.
-Her opinion of Vince McMahon.
-How the other talent treated her and the rest of the divas.
-Who taught her the business and how to wrestle?
-What was that like?
-Why she left WWF.
-Going to WCW.
-How WCW compared to WWF.
-Training at the Power Plant with Madusa and the other girls.
-Why she didnt like training there.
-Leaving WCW.
-Her opinion of wrestling now.
-Life on the indies.
-Her relationship with Ken Shamrock.
-Opinion of his shootfighting career.
-Their future in wrestling.


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