Powers of Pain Shoot Interview DVD-R

Powers of Pain Shoot Interview DVD-R

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One big Shoot Interview with TWO big wrestling stars,the Warlord and Barbarian, The Powers of Pain on 10/30/04. They discussed their entire life from beginning to current day going through all their feuds and territories they worked for.

Here is a list of topics they talked about:

  • Barbarian discusses working in sumo wrestling
  • How the transition was from sumo to pro wrestling
  • Memories of Barbarian's very first match
  • Ending up in Georgia
  • Working in Memphis
  • Who came up with his face paint gimmick
  • Comparison of Memphis and Georgia
  • If he liked the competiton or gimmicks better than the other
  • Thoughts of Ronnie Garvin
  • How Warlord got started in the business
  • If he watched wrestling before he got in
  • What Crockett promised him when he got there
  • Who Warlord trained with
  • Most influential guy to him at the time
  • Memories of working with Baby Doll
  • Warlords memories of matches and angles with Dusty Rhodes
  • First match
  • Warlord and Barbarian's thoughts of Dusty Rhodes
  • What they remember of Magnum TA's car accident
  • Initial thoughts of going to New Japan
  • How long it took them to get used to the style
  • Thoughts of working with Inoki
  • Who's idea it was to put them together as a tag team
  • Who they believe is the best team in the business
  • Memories of the Road Warriors
  • Thoughts on their barbed-wire matches
  • Thoughts of scaffold matches
  • What they think of Ric Flair
  • Opinion of Lex Luger
  • Any politics between Flair & Dusty for the top spot? Memories of being managed by Ivan Koloff
  • Good road stories
  • What happened in the bar fight Barbarian got into
  • Who approached them to work for the WWF
  • If they were under contract or not
  • What Dusty thought about them leaving
  • Initial impressions of the WWF
  • Story of them being ribbed by Mr. Fuji
  • Who made the business decisions for the Powers of Pain
  • Feuding with Demolition
  • Early memories of Mr. Fuji
  • What the travel schedule was like in the WWF
  • Thoughts of the drug scene in wrestling
  • Thoughts of steroids in the business
  • Memories of matches with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart
  • What Hulk Hogan was like in and out of the ring
  • If there were any locker room leaders or cliques in the WWF
  • Matches with the Bushwhackers
  • Memories of The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
  • When did Vince try to split them up
  • Memories of working with Hulk Hogan
  • What the Ultimate Warrior was like outside the ring
  • Thoughts of Jake Roberts
  • Memories of Randy Savage
  • If Randy was over-protective of Elizabeth
  • Story about the Nasty Boys
  • Memories of Andre the Giant
  • Story of Andre and Warrior
  • Thoughts of Zeus
  • Fame of being on television
  • Memories of Dusty coming into the WWF
  • How he was treated by the boys
  • Ric Flair coming into the WWF
  • Working with Davey Boy Smith
  • Working with Kerry Von Erich
  • Warlords singles matches with Jimmy Snuka
  • Matches with Bret Hart
  • Thoughts of Chris Walker
  • Barbarian's thoughts of teaming with Fatu
  • Working with Ricky Steamboat
  • Favorite people to work with in WWF
  • Least favorite
  • Any politics involved in WWF
  • Why they left the WWF
  • If WCW ever tried to put them back together
  • Teaming with Mick Foley
  • Thoughts of match from Superclash


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