The Mountie Jacques Rougeau Shoot Interview DVD-R

The Mountie Jacques Rougeau Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Jacque has so many incredible wrestling stories, this shoot that could have went on for 5 hours. He went into such detail with everything that we asked. We talked about his family backround. He talks about what it was like growing up around the business. We talked about how we worked in Canada for Stu Hart, Alabama Memphis, Georgia WWF and WCW. What is was like to feud with Terry Taylor in Memphis and why they got into a legit fist fight. What happened with the Road Warriors in Canada and why he never got along with Hawk near the end. We discussed his famous feuds with the Killer Bees, Rockers, Beefcake and Valentine and of course the British Bulldogs. He talks about why his brother quit wrestling and how he went onto become the Mountie. There are a ton of backstage stories with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, and Andre the Giant. You will hear all about how Hulk Hogan put him over in his home town and what it meant to him. He talks about drugs in the locker room and also the travel schedule. We discuss his managers and why he did not like Raven. He talks about his singles matches with Roddy Piper, Bret Hart and many others You will find out why he did not like Eric Bishoff as well. The one thing about this shoot that Doug and myself could not stop talking about was the Dynamite Kid story. If you never heard about the infamous story about Dynamie Kid and Jacque, where they got into a few backstage fights and in the end Jacques planned over a two week period his ultimate revenge your about to!!!! Jacques will take you on a 25 minute story breaking down exactly what went down with him and Dynamite and how it all started. You will hear about the first rib to start the fight that involved Curt Henning. How was Bret Hart, Don Muraco, Jim Niedhart, Bad News Allen, and Davey Boy involved. He talks about how he got attacked by Dynamite Kid in the locker room and how he got his ass kicked and his brother could not help him because he was on crutches. He than talks about what it was like to face his family after his beating and how he went into his revenge mode. Hear how he baited Dynamite for two weeks before he got his revenge. He tells us for the first time ever what he did in the locker room to make himself look weak for two weeks leading up to his ultimate revenge. How did he plan his attack on Dynamite Kid. What did he tell his brother. Then we get to the famous night where he attacked Dynamite Kid in the hall way and how the clique tried to get involved. Here about the famous meeting that Vince had with them afterwards where he was a bloody mess and he had to lock himself in Vinces office with his brother with table legs ready to fight even more. What did Vince say to them and why did the Bulldogs quit after that. But before they quit they had to work the Survivor Series. You will hear what went down that day with him and Dynamite as well and did they work the match together. He than talks about how he told Dino Bravo to get his "friends ready" because he was scared for his life legit. He told us that he told Dino that he wanted him to have Dynamite Kids home address and if for any reason Jacques did not get a chance to call home at night than Dino would know what to do. This was one intense interview and it has the best story ever in the history of our shoots with the inside scoop on Dynamite. You will hear what he is doing today and also what would happen if he ever were to meet Dynamite.Here is a list of just some of the topics that we talked about:

  • What was it like growing up in a wrestling family
  • When was the first time you remember your dad smartening you up
  • Do you remember any of the old time wrestlers that you would hang around with
  • How close were you and your brother growing up
  • How old were you when you told your dad you wanted to wrestle
  • How open to the idea was your dad
  • What was your training like
  • Early memories of Pat Patterson


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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Mountie shoots, 10.15.2006
Reviewer: Benjamin Globe (Liverpool, Other)

This is another great shoot and you learn some very interesting stuff. A good example being when he and Ray won the tag belts in WWF which many have forgotten about.

There is a very funny scene involving a McDonalds and Jacques is entertaining with a good screen presence.


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