Terry Taylor: Behind The Curtain DVD-R

Terry Taylor: Behind The Curtain DVD-R

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    Behind the Curtain With Terry Taylor

    Most wrestlers have a hard time transitioning to life after performing in the ring but that is not the case for Terry Taylor.  During Terry's wrestling career he reached main event status for Bill Watts and landed a job with WWF & WCW. Then it came time to hang up his boots and pick up a pencil and he did so willingly. 

    Terry started off as Kevin Sullivan's assistant in the early 90's for WCW.  Then when Kevin was asked to leave in the middle of the intense Monday Night War era of WCW Nitro, Terry was in charge. In this interview Terry talks about those stressful but fun days producing the highly successful Monday Night Nitro.

    Soon after some poor decision making by WCW, Terry decide to jump ship. Taylor became a road agent for WWF during the Attitude Era. Terry opens up about all the positives and the negatives of that job.

    After a short return with WCW during its dying days Terry Taylor found himself working for a small upstart company called TNA. Terry would be employed by TNA for several years until being released in mid-2011. He had several job titles there and was privileged to info that only a select few knew at TNA. Taylor is willing to give us a tour "Behind the Curtain" of TNA and what you will hear will surprise you.


    Influences for Booking
    Booking WCW
    Monday Night War
    Road Agent
    Early TNA
    TNA Management
    WWE vs. TNA
    Indys to Primetime


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