GiGi vs. Tiffany

GiGi vs. Tiffany

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This was a widely anticipated match that featured a savvy ring veteran, Tiffany, who is 5'9" and weighs only 127 lbs. against GiGi a large powerful shapely female athlete who is 5'9" and 160 lbs. Tiffany began the match in a tiger striped mini dress and Gigi wore a clingy one piece with sexy silk stockings. Her shapely python legs were just ready to burst out of the smooth stockings and crush Tiffany's thin body! Despite the size difference, Tiffany is an experienced wrestler and she said in her pre-fight interview that she expected to win. Although Gigi had never done a professional wrestling match before, she'd been training extensively with the Flamingo training program. In addition, as a college volleyball and baseball athlete, she took one look at her smaller opponent and vowed to do very well.

The action was fast and furious. In a shocking display of what skill and the power of legs can do, Tiffany quickly submitted Gigi in four submissions within the first ten minutes. Shortly after, Tiffany stripped down to a tiny string bikini that was so small, she was practically naked. Gigi was enraged from those painful body scissors and used all her raw power and strength to violently assault Tiffany. Her overwhelming size and strength began to help even things out and she obtained a few submissions of her own. They crashed to the mats with frightening violence as they tried to destroy each other with mind boggling scissor holds, headlocks and more! If you want to see a rough match against two female warriors who mean business, then this one is a must for the collection. Find out who finally won. Was it skill and experience or brute raw strength and athletic ability?

Approximately 50 minutes.

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